Mexico: People’s Organizations Demonstrate at Peruvian Embassy for Chairman Gonzalo, Issue Statement

By Ben Robinson

On September 13, several revolutionary organizations protested in front of the Peruvian embassy in Mexico to condemn the Peruvian state for President Gonzalo’s murder. The protest also denounced Peruvian President Pedro Castillo’s ban on any event for Gonzalo in Peru.

In a speech given during the protest, revolutionaries express their deepest respect for comrade Gonzalo, who, in their words, was “until a few days ago the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the earth.” The demonstrators issued a declaration, signed by Current of the People Red Sun (Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo) and other people’s organizations, which included commitments to Maoism and the universal contributions of Chairman Gonzalo.

Protesters also confronted sympathizers of the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights (MOVADEF, Movimiento por Aministía y Derechos Fundamentales), a Peruvian organization that seeks to liquidate the people’s war in Peru. Demonstrators agitated against MOVADEF by chanting, “Move aside, move aside, move aside reformists! Move forward, move forward, move forward Communists!”

Below is an unofficial translation of the political declaration.





Deep sorrow for the death of Comrade Abimael Guzmán (Chairman Gonzalo), the revolutionary leader of the Peruvian people and head of the international proletariat fighting against bourgeois oppression and exploitation and imperialist aggression, mainly Yankee.

We express our great respect, affection and admiration for the work and life of Chairman Gonzalo, who until a few days ago was the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the earth and the most important world revolutionary leader, when captured by the military intelligence services of the Directorate Against Terrorism (DINCOTE) in September 1992 he was immediately subjected to physical and psychological torture and since then locked up in a maximum security prison on a naval military base where he was subjected to inhuman treatment.

We will not forget, we will never forget, that the attacks against Chairman Gonzalo and the glorious Communist Party of Peru were planned, orchestrated and directed by Yankee imperialism via the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that through the Operation Aluvión in the Andes, together with the Peruvian army, attacked the Peruvian masses who were subjected to bloody massacres. Likewise, to attack the PCP and capture the comrade Chairman Gonzalo, they applied Operation Zorba the Greek. The peoples of the world and the consequent militancy will never forget the neofascist Yankee intervention against the Peruvian revolution.

Immediately upon the capture of Chairman Gonzalo, a vast, immense, and bloody media offensive was launched to make comrade Gonzalo pass as the worst monster, as a murderous butcher, as a mad criminal! Everything has been lies and lies against the maximum leader of the world’s poor!

But what can we expect from the imperialist reaction, from the bourgeois neofascists and the opportunist electoral and revisionist bosses? Of course, they fulfilled their role of lying, slandering, deforming and throwing sand in the eyes of the peoples of the world to reduce sympathy for Chairman Gonzalo, have they not always done so, have they not always defamed the people’s in struggle and the honest revolutionary leaders? They continue to do it against Marx and Engels, they continue to do it against Lenin and Stalin, they do it against Mao Zedong and they will continue to do it against women and men who, supported by the scientific theory of the proletariat, seek to raise consciousness among the people to end the criminal savage exploitation of capitalism, hunger, misery, and criminal wars against the peoples of the world. From the moment of his capture, Chairman Gonzalo was subjected to criminal isolation, serving a life sentence to which he was sentenced in a sham trial by the Peruvian bourgeois courts, puppets of the Yankees.

They dreamed of ending the legacy of our dear comrade, keep dreaming, keep dreaming!

We tell you that today, more than ever, the torch of the necessary organization of the peoples of the world to put an end to the old and rotten bourgeois order is conviction, praxis and commitment in millions and millions of people who continue to make luminous the flag of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to assault the skies.

Chairman Gonzalo today more than ever lives in our convictions to build the new dawn that will bury the old order of hunger, exploitation, misery and death against the working class.

Let’s make the world of the hammer and sickle!

Time is ours, we will break down the walls of the old order. What do we have?! Nothing! What do we want?! Everything! Proletarians and oppressed peoples of the world, unite! Develop the base areas!

We declare:

1. That the life and work of the comrade and revolutionary leader Chairman Gonzalo is more present in our struggle and organizational tasks.

2. That the lies and defamations of the “informative” means of “communication” have not achieved and will not succeed in eclipsing the luminous path that the work of Chairman Gonzalo marks us.

3. We commit ourselves to study, analysis and dissemination among the masses of the contributions of universal validity of Chairman Gonzalo.

4. We reaffirm our revolutionary convictions around Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism.

5. We say that our vital task is to uphold, defend, and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and Gonzalo Thought.

6. We commit ourselves to unmask and firmly fight against electoral opportunism and lying revisionism, parasites of the capitalist system and consolidators of imperialist meddling.

7. We will continue to fight for the unification of the revolutionaries and towards the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Mexico, a necessary vanguard against bourgeois aggression and imperialist neofascism, mainly Yankee.

8. We will fervently disseminate among the people the immortal works of the masters of the world proletariat: Karl Marx, Federico Engels, V.I. Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and Chairman Gonzalo.

9. We will tirelessly fight for the unity of the international communist movement around Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism.

10. We assume our historic commitment to serve the people with all our hearts, the only force capable of transforming history.

To the reaction, to the opportunist bosses, to revisionism and to the imperialist aggressors we say: Dream, keep dreaming! This is but a bend in the road.

Everything is illusory except power!

Honor and glory to Chairman Gonzalo and his all powerful thought!

Mexico City, September 13, 2021


  • Dawn of the Peoples of Anáhuac (Amanecer de los Pueblos de Anáhuac)
  • Coordination of Popular Movements (Coordinación de Movimientos Populares)
  • Popular Law “Ricardo Flores Magón” (Jurídico Popular “Ricardo Flores Magón”)
  • Popular Propaganda Collective (Colectivo Popular de Propaganda)
  • Current of the People Red Sun (Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo)
  • “Nahui Mazatl” Cultural Commune (Comuna Cultural “Nahui Mazatl”)
  • Teozentli Cooperative Project (Proyecto Cooperativo Teozentli)
  • People’s Youth Brigades ( Brigadas Juveniles del Pueblo). 


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