Actions to Commemorate Chairman Gonzalo Around the World (Updated)

Since the death of Chairman Gonzalo (Abimael Guzman Reynoso) on September 11, revolutionaries, people’s organizations, and progressives around the world have mobilized to carry out actions to commemorate him as a servant of the people and son of the international proletariat. Communist Parties and organizations have issued statements honoring his immense importance as the head of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP, Partido Comunista del Peru) and the People’s War in Peru, and to celebrate his work to make Maoism the ideological guide of the World Proletarian Revolution.

Along with honoring Chairman Gonzalo, the people have denounced the Peruvian state who assassinated him through a prolonged process of torture and deliberate negligence to his health, allowing easily treatable diseases to overcome him in his cell at the Callao Naval Base. Gonzalo’s assassination was carried out with the backing of US imperialism, who wished to deal a final blow to the People’s War in Peru, but they have failed in this goal. The People’s War continues, and Chairman Gonzalo died defiantly, withstanding 29 years in solitary confinement and never betraying the Peruvian Revolution. As shown in the surge of activity in his name, the people will continue to defend his legacy and apply his revolutionary ideas, continuing his fight for a new world.


(Updated 9/22)

Graffiti with the slogan, “Chairman Gonzalo lives! Long live the all-powerful Gonzalo thought!” was documented in the cities of Curitiba, São Paulo, and state of Goiás.

(Updated 9/20)

Wall paintings were seen in Rio de Janeiro with the slogan “Chairman Gonzalo lives! Long live the all-powerful Gonzalo thought!”

(Updated 9/17)

Graffiti was documented for Chairman Gonzalo in the city of Montes Claros, situated in the northern part of Minas Gerais.

“Chairman Gonzalo Lives! Long live the all-powerful Gonzalo Thought!” in the exit for Janaúba. Photo: A Nova Democracia
“Chairman Gonzalo lives! Long live the all-powerful Gonzalo Thought” On the State University of Montes Claros. Photo: A Nova Democracia
Chairman Gonzalo lives! Long live the all-powerful Gonzalo Thought!” In the municipal market of the city. Photo: A Nova Democracia
“Chairman Gonzalo lives!” On the municipal market of the city. Photo: A Nova Democracia

(Updated 9/16)

Graffiti commemorating Chairman Gonzalo was documented near the entrance to the Fazendinha favela in the north of Rio de Janeiro. The slogan reads: “Chairman Gonzalo Lives!”, and “Long live the All Powerful Gonzalo Thought!”


(Updated 9/21)

Graffiti with the slogans, “Long live Chairman Gonzalo and his Immortal Almighty Thought,” “Eternal Honor and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo, Long live Maoism,” and “Follow the Example of Chairman Gonzalo, Prepare the People’s War in Colombia,” was documented in Bogota. A statement was published with the photographs which reads, “Chairman Gonzalo is immortal and today entire legions of communists are able to learn from his almighty Gonzalo Thought and vindicate his great legacy.” El Comunero Prensa will be publishing more actions in the coming days.


On September 13, Current of the People-Red Sun (Corriente del Pueblo-Sol Rojo) and other revolutionary organizations held a demonstration in front of the Peruvian embassy in Mexico condemning the murder of Chairman Gonzalo. The protest also denounced Peruvian President Pedro Castillo’s ban on any event in honor of Chairman Gonzalo in Peru. The protesters confronted sympathizers of the organization Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights (Movadef), which seeks to liquidate the revolution and People’s War in Peru through peace talks with the State under the guise of ‘amnesty’ for Communists and combatants.


The Politburo of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) released a statement in honor of Chairman Gonzalo, which states:

Comrade Gonzalo made his mark in history as a communist dedicated to the interests of the Peruvian people, the valiant and unyielding leader of the international proletariat, with the People’s War, which he developed and perfected on the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist route and succeeded in growing it against the reactionary wind blowing in the world.”

The International Committee of the TKP/ML also released a statement in honor of Chairman Gonzalo, reading:

Chairman Gonzalo’s death is no ordinary death, because he is not an ordinary person and the enemy did not approach him casually. They were so afraid of his ideas and his clarity in the face of the enemy that even masked officers carried out his trial and imprisoned him in a military naval base for 29 years. When the Peruvian ruling class, who captured Chairman Gonzalo with the support of their imperialist masters, brought him before the press in a cage to discredit him and show their own power, Chairman Gonzalo once again defeated them with his unyielding stance and message. Its strength comes from its simplicity in expressing the opposition of ‘proletariat and bourgeoisie,’ ‘us and them,’ which is the clearest definition that a proletarian can use to express the fundamental opposition in the world, in the deepest and most straightforward words.”


(Updated 9/16)

The Red Fraction of the Communist Party of Chile released a statement on Chairman Gonzalo which reads:

Chairman has fulfilled his journey as a full-fledged communist, a lifetime serving the people wholeheartedly, tenaciously and cleverly fighting revisionism, all opportunism, inseparable from the fight against imperialism. Today we swear to continue fighting to maintain the course that Chairman Gonzalo left us, hoisting, defending and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in the midst of the class struggle and the two-line struggle and to fulfill the campaign that he began to impose. Maoism as command and guide of the world proletarian revolution.”

Amid protests commemorating the deaths that occurred during the 1973 Pinochet coup in Chile, demonstrators raised the slogan “Honor and Glory” for Chairman Gonzalo. A banner and graffiti were documented in Santiago with the slogans, “Chairman Gonzalo, Honor and Glory, It Is Right to Rebel!”, “Long live Maoism!”, and “Long live Chairman Gonzalo and the People’s War!”


The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) published a statement on September 13 reading:

“In his death, the imperialists and reactionaries want to bury Comrade Gonzalo in calumny, wishing that he will be painted black in the minds of the workers and peoples of the world, or that he will simply be forgotten. Comrade Gonzalo, however, leaves a treasure-trove of ideas and experiences and an indomitable fighting spirit that the workers and peoples of the world, and their movements and parties, will continue to draw upon in continuing the struggle for national freedom, democracy and socialism. US imperialism and the reactionaries have again killed another great revolutionary, but they will never be able to kill the revolution.”


(Updated 9/16)

The Parti des Elkadehines released a communique in honor of Chairman Gonzalo. Parti des Elkadehines writes:

Chairman Gonzalo is among the great communist leaders of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries who will be remembered in the history of the world proletarian struggle. He made major contributions in the theoretical and practical fields [of Marxism –Ed.] by explaining and analyzing the basic issues in Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the leadership of the people’s war in Peru and his steadfastness in his imprisonment until his death.”


(Updated 9/24)

Graffiti with the slogan, “We remember Chairman Gonzalo” was documented in Freiburg, and was accompanied with a hammer and sickle.

(Updated 9/21)

In Hamburg, a demonstration was held in front of the Peruvian consulate to condemn the death of Chairman Gonzalo Demonstrators waved flags, held banners and posters, and played music. Speeches were given stating the immortality of Chairman Gonzalo and the great importance of his struggle for the international proletariat.

In Berlin and Freiburg, it was documented that over 1000 leaflets on Chairman Gonzalo were distributed. Posters and graffiti with the slogan, “Eternal glory to Chairman Gonzalo” were also documented.

(Updated 9/16)

A 65-foot mural with the slogan “Eternal Glory to Chairman Gonzalo!” and a hammer and sickle was documented in Mülheim along a popular roadway and train route which thousands of commuters pass every day.

Graffiti in Berlin, Frieburg, Essen, Bremen, and Hamburg was documented in honor of Chairman Gonzalo. The slogans read: “Eternal Glory to Chairman Gonzalo!” in both Spanish and German and “Chairman Gonzalo is Immortal!” All were accompanied with a hammer and sickle. 


(updated 9/24)

The organization Revolutionary Youth documented graffiti paying tribute to Chairman Gonzalo. The slogans read, “Long live the People’s War” alongside a depiction of Gonzalo. The organization released a statement which reads, “Today [ Revolutionary Youth] pays tribute to one of the greatest revolutionaries of our time, Abimael Guzmán, better known as Chairman Gonzalo. He passed away on September 11, 2021 and had been imprisoned since 1992 in Peru.”

(Updated 9/21)

In Saint-Étienne and Lyon, banners and posters with the slogan, “Eternal Glory and Honor to Chairman Gonzalo” and “Long live Chairman Gonzalo” were documented.

(Updated 9/19)

French revolutionary news service La Cause du Peuple published an article in honor of Chairman Gonzalo. The article reads:

On the ideological level, Chairman Gonzalo developed the philosophical understanding of Marxism, he affirmed Chairman Mao’s thesis on bureaucratic capitalism, the people’s war, the cultural revolution and many other points, he gave universal lessons on the Party and the revolution all over the world. Taking up the torch of Mariatégui, he developed the guiding thought for a revolution in Peru, Gonzalo Thought. He did it mainly by being immersed in the class struggle in his country and in the whole world, by reconstituting the Party and especially by undertaking the People’s War in Peru.”


Soon after his death was announced, revolutionaries in Austria carried out spontaneous demonstrations to celebrate Chairman Gonzalo and denounce his assassination, marching through a working class neighborhood in Vienna. They carried a banner reading “Chairman Gonzalo murdered: Hold up his great red flag!” and chanted slogans such as “Long live Chairman Gonzalo and the immortal Gonzalo Thought!” The demonstrators reported that local residents were supportive and at times applauded the demonstration.

The Central Management of the Committees for the Foundation of the (Maoist) Communist Party of Austria published a statement affirming that Chairman Gonzalo gave his life for the World Proletarian Revolution. The Central Management Committee, in response to Peruvian reaction declaring Gonzalo Thought dead, writes:

This is a dream, a reactionary dream that failed even before it began and, therefore, will never materialize. This reactionary dream is extremely unmasking, because they implicitly admit that Gonzalo Thought, the realization of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in Peruvian reality, exists and cannot be freed from its existence. This reactionary dream is doomed to failure because Gonzalo Thought is true, and even the furious and angry bourgeoisie cannot kill the truth.”


(Updated 9/16)

The Construction Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia released a statement on Chairman Gonzalo following his death which reads:

As we promised after the death of our comrade Martin Naya and today in front of Chairman Gonzalo and the Peruvian people, the Construction Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galiza pledges to follow its Maoist example, to hold high the flag of Maoism, to fight for a single Unified Maoist International Conference, and build the Galiza Maoist Communist Party as a fundamental tool to build the Army and the Front and through the People’s War create the Galician Socialist Republic as a base of support for the World Proletarian Revolution.


(Updated 9/19)

Irish revolutionary organization Anti Imperialist Action published a statement reading:

Despite being imprisoned for the last 29 years, Chairman Gonzalo had remained unrepentant and an inspiration to Revolutionaries all over the world, who are united with him and the People’s War in Peru in the fight against Imperialism. This will continue to be the case in his death. While the reactionary Peruvian state think they have finally killed Chairman Gonzalo, they are wrong. Chairman Gonzalo will continue to live in the hearts of all Revolutionaries who continue that fight against imperialism, and he leaves a shining legacy in his writings and teachings as a guide to Revolutionary Movements all over the world.”

In Dublin, a demonstration was held in front of the Peruvian embassy to condemn the murder of Chairman Gonzalo by the old Peruvian state. Activists held flags and a large poster with the slogan “Honour Gonzalo!”

Graffiti commemorating Chairman Gonzalo was documented in Waterford, Galway, and Dublin. Slogans read: “Abimael Guzmán, 1934-2021, 29 Years a Political Prisoner,” “Long live Chairman Gonzalo,” and “Viva Gonzalo!”



(Updated 9/21)

In Tampere, a small demonstration was held in tribute to Chairman Gonzalo. Demonstrators carried a banner and flag with the hammer and sickle. The banner reads, “Eternal glory to Chairman Gonzalo!”

(Updated 9/16)

The Maoist Committee in Finland released a statement on Chairman Gonzalo which reads:

Our beloved Chairman may be physically dead, but his all-powerful thought is more alive than ever and continues its unstoppable victory march. It is seen in the Peruvian people and in the Communist Party of Peru, which persists in the People’s War, smashing the dreams of right-opportunist line every second. It is seen in the huge solidarity that he received, when the proletariat and the peoples of the world heard of his hospitalization, and even more, when they heard about the plots of the right-opportunist line led by rat Miriam to fabricate his testament. It is seen in the thousands of us communists all over the world, who have raised high his banner and who are his children. It is seen in the unstoppable march of the International Communist Movement towards the Unified International Maoist Conference and the New International Organization of the Proletariat, in the march towards reconstitution of the Communist International and in the march towards Communism. All of this is an incarnation of his all-powerful thought.”


(Updated 9/24)

In Trondheim, Oslo, and Kristiansand banners, graffiti and posters commemorating Chairman Gonzalo’s life were documented with the slogans, “Eternal Honor And Glory To Chairman Gonzalo,” and “People’s War To Communism.”

(Updated 9/21)

In Oslo, a demonstration will be held at the Peruvian embassy on September 25 to honor Chairman Gonzalo and denounce his cruel murder at the hands of the old Peruvian state. All who want to contribute to the demonstration are asked to contact Tjen Folket Media.

Spanish State

(Updated 9/16)

The (Marxist-Leninist) Workers’ Party made a call to defend and vindicate the memory of Chairman Gonzalo in the statement “¡En defensa de la memoria del Presidente Gonzalo! (P(m-l)T).” The (Marxist-Leninist) Workers’ Party writes:

Our Party calls to defend [Chairman Gonzalo’s] legacy, his memory, his struggle, a work that belongs to the entire International Communist Movement. His inheritance is for all those who understand that except for power everything is illusion and only with the revolutionary path is it possible to lead the proletariat to the seizure of power.

United States

(Updated 9/22)

In Kansas City and Austin, grafiti with the slogans, “Eternal Honor and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo,” “Long live Chairman Gonzalo and his all Powerful Thought,” and “Long live the People’s War in Peru!” was reported.

(Updated 9/20)

A 75-foot mural reading “Eternal Honor and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo” with a hammer and sickle was documented along the Monongahela river near downtown Pittsburgh.

(Updated 9/20)

In Pittsburgh, graffiti was documented with slogans for Chairman Gonzalo, the PCP, and for the People’s War in Peru.

(Updated 9/20)

In Oxnard, the slogan, “Eternal Honor and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo” was documented.

(Updated 9/16)

Graffiti was documented for Chairman Gonzalo on the walls of the commercial building containing the offices of the Peruvian Consulate in Los Angeles. The art included the slogans “Long live the PCP and the People’s War in Peru!”, “Eternal Honor and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo!”, “Long Live Chairman Gonzalo and his All-Powerful Thought!”, and “Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, down with revisionism!”

On Wednesday, Revolutionary Student News (RSN) spoke to students at Oxnard Community College about Chairman Gonzalo and his contributions to the treasury of Marxism. RSN members also spoke about the importance of students fighting for Marxism-Leninism-Maoism on school campuses.

Banners in Wheeling and New England with the slogan: “Eternal honor and glory to Chairman Gonzalo!” were documented. The banner in Wheeling included an image of Chairman Gonzalo and a red flag with a hammer and sickle.

The Austin Tribune of the People Support Committee (SC) spoke to students at the University of Texas at Austin on September 14 about Chairman Gonzalo’s sacrifice in defense of Maoism, the revolution, and People’s War in Peru. SC members distributed the article “Honor and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo, Greatest Son of the International Proletariat” to students.

On Sunday, Serve the People Pittsburgh held an action in downtown Pittsburgh in honor of Chairman Gonzalo’s life. Members and supporters spoke to passersby about who Chairman Gonzalo was and the old state’s plan to annihilate him in order to negate the People’s War in Peru. Members explained that despite the reaction’s vile plan Chairman Gonzalo stands among the greatest Marxist leaders.

In cities throughout the US graffiti and banners honoring Chairman Gonzalo were documented. In some places, such as Orlando, it was seen within 24 hours of his assassination. Slogans read: “Eternal Honor and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo!” and “Long live Chairman Gonzalo and His All Powerful Thought!”


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