Europe: Powerful Demonstrations in Honor of Chairman Gonzalo

By Roscoe Mackernasey

Last week, proletarian revolutionaries and democratic organizations held two powerful demonstrations to honor Chairman Gonzalo (Abimael Guzman Reynoso) in Hamburg, Germany and Vienna, Austria, a week after his death on September 11. Chairman Gonzalo, the head of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP, Partido Comunista del Peru) and Peruvian Revolution, was assassinated by the old Peruvian state, backed by US imperialism, who intentionally withheld adequate medical care and kept Gonzalo in conditions of physical and psychological torture. He had been held for 29 years in solitary confinement at the Callao Naval Base since his capture in on September 12, 1992.

In Hamburg on Saturday, roughly 150 revolutionaries marched through the streets of the city in honor of Chairman Gonzalo. The march was led by a 16-foot tall portrait of Chairman Gonzalo with the slogan “Eternal Glory to Chairman Gonzalo!” followed by rows of communist flags. The Turkish organization, Partizan, carried their flags as well.

At the Sternschanze subway station the march paused for a minute of silence in honor of Chairman Gonzalo. Multiple speeches were given by revolutionary parties and organizations, such as Serve the People, Norway; Maoist Committee, Finland; Vorbote (Herald), Austria; TKP/ML Central Committee – Political Bureau; TKP-ML Rojava; the Committee for the Construction of the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia; and the Peru People’s Movement (the PCP’s generated organism for abroad work).

Frustrated by the march’s defiant spirit, police gathered to intimidate the march as it neared the Schlump subway station. The revolutionaries were unfazed by the police’s attempts to scare off the event, and marchers closed ranks to conclude the demonstration by singing the Internationale.

On September 17 in Vienna, a joint commemorative event was organized by the Austrian Committee for the Defense of the Life and Health of Chairman Gonzalo and the Turkish revolutionary organization Partizan. The event had an exhibition of selected photographs, paintings, and posters of the Peruvian revolution. Peruvian revolutionary songs were played and several speeches were given during the event.

The event was followed by a march to the Peruvian embassy, led by torches and large banners. At the embassy, speakers denounced the cowardly murder of Chairman Gonzalo, and the importance of Chairman Gonzalo’s life and the PCP. According to the revolutionary Austrian website Antifaschtische Aktion, upon hearing the speaker’s condemnations, “The lights were quickly turned off in the embassy as if no one was there. The representatives neither had the courage to step in front of the crowd, nor did they dare to open the window!”


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