Biden’s Spending Plan Isn’t ‘Socialist’ or ‘Marxist’–It’s a Rescue Plan for Imperialism

By the Editorial Board

Commenting on the massive spending plan introduced by Biden currently making its way through the US Senate, Florida senator Marco Rubio tweeted, “The $3.5 trillion1 Biden plan isn’t socialism, it’s marxism,” on September 30.

Rubio’s tweet reflects the rhetoric many Republican politicians have used to describe Biden’s multi-year “Build Back Better”(BBB) plan. The plan’s official website claims it aims to accomplish the broad tasks of cutting costs, cutting taxes, and creating jobs. Simply put, this is the Biden administration’s attempt to save US imperialism, which has been attempting to recover from the depression caused by the economic crisis that started at the end of 2019, preceding the COVID-19 pandemic.

US Imperialism and Its International Plan

The Build Back Better plan is not just a national reworking of state economic investments. Biden is also working off of his international blueprint, the Build Back Better World (B3W), which lays out a plan for strengthening US imperialism around the world.

The B3W is not the first of its kind and it is a far cry from a planned, socialist economy. In fact, the plan seeks to reinvigorate US imperialism by gaining and consolidating the support of oppressed countries behind the American global economic plan. This was one of the resolutions from the G7 summit (an annual gathering of imperialist and junior imperialist countries) of 2021. The official plan claims to help “middle and lower countries” but stops short of invoking a solely altruistic motive.

The B3W intends to use the massive economic plan to rival China’s growing global economic power, exemplified by China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which helped finance traditional infrastructure such as trains, roads, and ports in many countries in the Third World. Through imposing fascist economic2 practices, China produces at a much cheaper and faster rate, and the US cannot match this pace. With the B3W, the US will focus on investing capital into new technological advances and substitutes for traditional resources like fossil fuels (i.e., Biden’s climate change initiatives), trying to get ahead of the curve in arenas where China is less focused.

…the US Imperialists need to beef up their labor force – hence proposals for the economic changes found in the domestic BBB plan which the Republican camp of the imperialist State is denouncing as “socialist” or “Marxist.”

These global economic infrastructure initiatives serve as bloodless warfare to redivide the world among the contending imperialist States, with China being the main contender to the dominant superpower of US imperialism. By participating in the development of poor countries, the US and its imperialist allies (on a temporary basis) are positioning themselves to be the main providers of such infrastructure projects, with an emphasis on technological and energy advancements, thrusting the poor countries into debt through the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This debt hinders the oppressed countries’ ability to direct their own economic development and do meaningful business with other countries and imposes conditions for commercial use of the new infrastructure.

With the B3W in place, the G7 will funnel international funds into the hands of US corporations to produce the machinery needed for its infrastructure projects. However, to meet these goals, the US imperialists need to beef up their labor force—hence proposals for the economic changes found in the domestic BBB plan which the Republican camp of the imperialist State is denouncing as ‘socialist’ or ‘Marxist.’

On the national level, the BBB seeks to use private profit through means of increased taxation of corporations and the wealthy. The investments in the national labor force, such as for childcare, education, and healthcare, have the by-product of temporary financial relief in some areas of workers’ lives. Along with the tax increases (and therefore tax cuts for lower incomes) the measures of the BBB highlight Biden’s attempts at temporarily easing the internal contradictions of US imperialism. Biden’s strategy is not only to pacify the people in response to the May Uprisings, progressive social movements, and increasing labor struggles, but to drive people back in to the workforce.

The imperialist State exploits the international proletariat (workers) to extract profit. However, with the emphasis on expanding the US supply chain, the ruling class realizes it has to loosen the noose around the necks of the US proletariat in order to rejuvenate domestic industrial output as well as stimulate the consumption of goods. This comes in the form of gestures towards social equality, and concessions to the labor force in the form of higher wages and increased power for unions (as long as they play by the rules of the imperialists). History proves that these minor concessions the capitalists make to workers are always short-lived, and are reversed as soon as they feel they have navigated themselves out of major economic trouble.

The ‘Socialist’ Accusation

The facts of Biden’s plan illustrate that it is a rescue plan for imperialism, and in no way socialist. Additionally, most people with even a basic understanding of socialism are well aware that Biden is by no means a socialist or anything resembling one. Accusing Biden and his plan of being ‘socialist’ or ‘Marxist’ is a tactic that attempts to cast the Democratic Party as a far-left radical party when it is, in reality, nothing more than a traditional imperialist party. It also serves to distort and intentionally misrepresent Marxism with the ultimate goal of discrediting it as the ideology of the proletariat.

What is socialism? In the most basic terms, socialism is a transitional society to Communism, which is a classless, moneyless, and stateless society. Socialism has a planned economy which produces based on the needs of the people and not for private profit. It is the strategic economic and social planning to once and for all do away with class society. Socialism does away with all economic exploitation and oppression along with the class that upholds them, the bourgeoisie.

Socialism is a dictatorship of the proletariat, meaning, it is a State run by the party of the working class—the Communist Party. In class society, the State is always a dictatorship of one class over another. This is, in fact, why the State exists at all—it is a tool used by one class to impose its will upon on all other classes. Under capitalism, there is a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, the exploiting, property-owning class. However, under socialism, there is a dictatorship of the proletariat, the masses of workers. It is a new stage in the history of class society in which there is a dictatorship of the exploited majority of society over the exploiting minority.

The plight of the masses is only addressed through overthrowing the current ruling class of imperialists entirely, and smashing the State they have built up.

The Biden administration, like many administrations before it, offers the exploited US workers a meager share of the spoils of their global plunder. This is done with restraint and a goal of continuing the system that causes all ongoing economic disasters and social misery—capitalism.

The plight of the masses can only be addressed through overthrowing the current ruling class of imperialists entirely, and smashing the State they have built up. In its place, the workers will build a new, socialist State which abolishes the private ownership of the tools and resources that produce everything that society needs.

In the long-term, socialist States eventually become obsolete and, all together, transition into Communism, which is a global system without classes, money, or any need for the State and its armed apparatuses (police, military).

This understanding of socialism (and Communism) was developed by the great revolutionary thinker Karl Marx, who, together with Friedrich Engels, analyzed contending theories of socialism that were prominent in the 1800s along with the concrete development of capitalism from the level of the individual worker all the way to the historical progression of humankind. Thus, Marxism became the most advanced ideology of the proletariat, because it was based on a scientific analysis of the objective world, and not just on lofty principles.

Marxism, an Ideology and Doctrine

To be called a Marxist is a point of pride for proletarians around the world. The attempt to slander Biden by his Republican colleagues is less of an insult to Biden than it is an insult to the world’s proletariat.

Marxism is not simply a philosophy. It is an ideology that provides the workers with an understanding of their own exploitation, and a doctrine that provides principles for how to do away with the system that oppresses the majority of the planet’s people.

Marxism is the ideological basis for the extermination of capitalism…

Regarded as a master of economics even by bourgeois standards, Marx provided the world with an objective analysis of the way in which production relations determine the development of human history. Marxism is the ideological basis for the extermination of capitalism—it is explicitly intended to be used as a weapon by the working class to guide its inevitable emancipation through violent revolution and establish the dictatorship of the proletariat, continuing to struggle onward toward Communism.

Today, Marxism has developed into a third and higher stage of understanding. Thanks to the contributions of Lenin, Mao, and the late Chairman Gonzalo, as well as the masses who have given us eternal lessons through engaging in class struggle, we now have Maoism to guide us—applying Marxism to the current and final stage of capitalism: imperialism.

Maoism contains all the lessons of Marx and Engels from the worker struggles of the 1800s; the theories and practice of Lenin who led the Russian Revolution to victory in 1917, which led to the development of the first socialist State; and the lessons of Chairman Mao and his leadership of the Chinese Revolution and Great Cultural Proletarian Revolution. Lenin and Mao both applied Marx’s ideas to the class struggle of their societies and the world to develop Marxism further. Maoism itself was synthesized as a third stage by Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the Communist Party of Peru, who further proved Maoism’s universal truth through its application in the People’s War in Peru.

Red-Baiting and Revisionism

When the ruling class wildly paints individuals, groups, and imperialist initiatives as ‘socialism’ ‘Marxism’ etc. (a practice known as ‘red baiting’), it is part of the ongoing attempts to gut Marxism of its revolutionary potential and keep it out of the grasp of the people (a futile goal). In particular, the watering down and intentional obscuring of Marxism and socialism as concrete, definable things has left the door open for many capitalists to traffic in the people’s struggles.

Revisionists (capitalists who call themselves communists, socialists, or Marxists) such as the Democratic Socialist of America (DSA), the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), or the current so-called Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA) benefit from the ruling class’s perversion of Marxism at the expense of the people. There are plenty of organizations like this, but in recent history, the DSA has been particularly guilty of distorting the understanding of socialism and capitalizing on growing anti-capitalist sentiments among the masses of people.

Throughout modern history, by applying Marxism to their conditions across the world, Communists (those who truly fight for socialism) have shown themselves to be the greatest fighters of the working class, not only fighting for the rights and immediate needs of the people, but also in the larger struggle for political power. Due to the popularity of socialism among the working class, many groups have appeared over the past 100 years claiming to fight for the proletariat, while abandoning socialist principles and choosing instead to make their goals more amenable to the capitalist class. Revisionists use their claims of ‘socialism’ as a smokescreen to appear as friends of the workers, but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, doing the bidding of the exploiters and oppressors.

Revolutionary sentiments have been growing ever since the pandemic and economic crisis exposed the instability, inefficiency, and unnecessarily cruel reality of a system that relies on exploitation. As the revolutionary spirit of the masses grows, the imperialists scramble to distort Marxism all while working to avoid the inevitable: Communism.


1. As of publication, it appears the plan may end up being less than $3.5 trillion, possibly around $2 trillion, and for a shorter period than the original proposal of ten years.

2. Since the capitalist coup within the Communist Party of China in the 70’s, the Chinese state has turned from socialist to fascist. State owned companies which once produced and distributed based off the needs of the people are now used to generate profit for the capitalists in the Party. The merging of corporations and the state to generate profit is the economic basis of fascism.


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