Ecuador: Peruvian Agency Charges Ecuadorian Peasant with ‘Advocating Terrorism’

By David Martinez

Last week, the Counter-Terrorist Directorate of Peru (DIRCOTE, Dirección contra el Terrorismo del Perú) charged an Ecuadorian peasant with “advocating terrorism” for making Facebook posts in support of the People’s War in Peru and Chairman Gonzalo (Abimael Guzman Reynoso), the leader of the Peruvian Revolution. The charge was made despite DIRCOTE having no jurisdiction in Ecuador, nor the Ecuadorian State having a criminal charge of “advocating terrorism” under its laws.

In a statement published on October 13 by the Front for the Defense of the People’s Struggles of Ecuador (FLDP-EC, Frente de Defensa de Luchas del Pueblo del Ecuador), the FLDP-EC wrote that DIRCOTE itself has been exposed by the Peruvian state’s own investigations for staging attacks on the Peruvian people in order to blame them on the Communist Party of Peru (PCP, Partido Comunista del Perú).

They write that DIRCOTE, “has filed legal action against an Ecuadorian peasant from an indigenous community in Imbabura (who has never set foot in Peruvian territory) for “advocating terrorism” because he published statements and graphics on his social media of the People’s War in Peru and in honor of Chairman Gonzalo.”

FLDP-EC says that DIRCOTE is “violating the most elementary principles of international law” and they are being enabled by the “the idiot regime of Guillermo Lasso [President of Ecuador], the national police and the Office of the Chancellor.”

The peasant posted his support for the PCP and Chairman Gonzalo in the wake of Gonzalo’s death on September 11 at the hands of the Peruvian state, who oversaw the assassination of Gonzalo under the leadership of US imperialism. The old State had held Gonzalo in solitary confinement for 29 years, and killed him through intentional medical neglect, denying him treatment for easily treatable skin cancer.

The FLDP-EC said, “These hyenas are daydreaming if they believe they will intimidate the peasant masses from showing their support for the People’s War in Peru, much less stop their emotion and expressing their admiration, affection, and respect for Chairman Gonzalo, who was and is one of the greatest communists ever.”

Pedro Castillo, the recently elected president of Peru, was part of the ronderos, peasant militias armed and trained by the reactionary state to oppose the People’s War led by the PCP. The FLDP-EC statement says that Castillo, “now wants to utilize the DIRCOTE to neutralize the support for the People’s War in Peru, the comrades of the PCP, and the global recognition of Chairman Gonzalo and his almighty Thought, the unbeatable weapon that the international proletariat already has.”

The statement declares that the FLDP-EC “stands in militant solidarity with the peasant comrade; furthermore, we condemn the Lasso regime and the officials of the Office of the Chancellor who, in their capacity as messengers for imperialism, lend themselves to this illegality. We claim and defend the right of the class to practice proletarian internationalism, for the people to raise their flags of liberation, rebel, and tirelessly fight for the conquest of Power.”

FLDP-EC’s statement ends with slogans of support for the People’s War and PCP, including: “Chairman Gonzalo, in the heart and struggles of the oppressed peoples of the world!”

Scans of DIRCOTE’s charges against the peasant are shared below:


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