Video: Brazilian Peasants Hold Grand Demonstration for Chairman Gonzalo

By David Martinez

In the countryside of Brazil, peasants carried out a massive, elaborate demonstration recently to honor Chairman Gonzalo (Abimael Guzman Reynoso), the fallen leader of the Communist Party of Peru. Video of the demonstration was shared by the Front for the Defense of the People’s Rights (FRDDP, Frente de Defesa dos Direitos do Povo), showing a huge contingent of peasants marching behind a portrait of Gonzalo and a banner reading “Chairman Gonzalo lives! Long live his all-powerful Gonzalo Thought!” followed by marchers carrying hundreds of red flags.

The flags bore the initial “LCP” for the Liga dos Camponeses Pobres (League of Poor Peasants). The LCP organizes peasants in the Brazilian countryside against the exploitation and oppression of the big landlords (known as the latifundium) who monopolize the land. The peasants organize land seizures in order to distribute land to families so they can turn it into productive plots to support themselves and their community.

In the demonstration, one peasant is also seen carrying a red flag with a yellow hammer and sickle. The video is accompanied by recordings of the peasants singing the Internationale and other revolutionary songs, as well as speeches discussing the importance of Chairman Gonzalo and his contributions to the World Proletarian Revolution. Gonzalo not only led the Peruvian Revolution, but his greatest legacy was to define Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as the third and highest stage of proletarian ideology, which is being applied not only in the struggles of the Brazilian people but around the world in order to make revolution.

In Brazil, as in other oppressed countries, the people fight for New Democratic Revolution which will destroy the mountains of oppression and exploitation that weigh on the people: the latifundium, bureaucratic capitalism, and imperialism (principally US imperialism).

Communist International, an online Maoist newspaper, commented on the demonstration, saying that it, “constitutes an elevation” of the campaign to defend Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful Thought in Brazil and worldwide, “both for its content, for the mobilization of the masses belonging to the deepest and most profound part of the Brazilian people, for the triumphal hymns and banners of the international proletariat and the Brazilian peasantry, of the people’s war in Peru, for the central speech, the slogans of the campaign and the slogans chanted by the masses themselves; It is a great triumph for Maoism, the people’s war, the Party, the international communist movement and the peoples of the world.”

Screenshots from the video are shared below:


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