Pittsburgh: Officer Keith Edmonds and His Brother Karl Misled Woman to Collect Bounty in 2015

By David Martinez

Keith Edmonds, the Pittsburgh police officer identified as the killer of Jim Rogers, has not only used his power as a law enforcement officer to kill, but in 2015, he aided his twin brother Karl to mislead a woman so that Karl could collect a $500 bounty. Karl was charged with impersonating a public servant, obstructing administration of law, and official oppression. Toni Nixon, the woman targeted by the Edmonds, spent three weeks in jail as a result of the brothers’ scheme.

On March 2, 2015, 19-year old Toni Nixon followed the advice of her lawyer to report to pre-trial services and attempted to resolve an arrest warrant after missing a preliminary hearing. While there, she received a phone call from family members, urging her to go home.

Her family and attorney said that Karl Edmonds had called them, claiming to be a State Constable, saying that Nixon needed to turn herself over to him and not to pre-trial services. He said that she could possibly face up to ten years in prison by not doing so.

Nixon went to go meet with Karl and upon arrival found the Edmonds brothers, one dressed in an officer’s uniform and the other in plain clothes (while wearing a badge). Keith, who was at the time a constable, handcuffed Nixon and took her to Allegheny County jail.

Karl received a $500 reward from the Liberty Bail Agency for turning in Nixon, and Nixon spent three weeks in jail. If Nixon had remained at the courthouse, pre-trial services told police that Nixon most likely would not have faced jail time, since it was her first time facing a bond-revocation. She would instead have received a warning.

Nixon said that when she first spoke with Karl, he said he was a constable, then changed this to say he was “like a constable.” Keith covered for his brother, claiming at the time, “I do remember him saying on the phone that he has a constable to make the arrest,” and that he wouldn’t have let Karl break the law.

Karl and Keith also collaborate together as part of a performance group, K&K Mime Ministry, in which they act out mime performances with Christian themes. On Thursday evening, Tribune broke the story that Keith Edmonds was the officer who violently pursued and tased Jim Rogers, an unarmed, homeless Black man. Edmonds and other officers denied Rogers medical attention, who went into cardiac arrest on the way to the county jail, dying at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Mercy Hospital on October 14.

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