Austria: The Red Flag, Revolutionary Democratic Newspaper, Now Online

By Nelida Tello

The Austrian revolutionary newspaper The Red Flag (Die Rote Fahne) is now available online. The newspaper was first founded in 1918 under the leadership of the Communist Party of Austria (first under the name “Der Weckruf,” and then “Die soziale Revolution”), emerging as a result of the workers’ struggles waged in Austria of that period. The current version of the paper, which upholds this past legacy, has been in print since the early 2010s.

The Red Flag continued its publication during the fascist dictatorship of the 1930s in Austria. In the 1940s, it fought against the distortion of Marxism, also known as revisionism, within the Communist Party. In the 2010s, Austrian revolutionaries re-established The Red Flag as a continuation of this legacy to produce news in service to the Austrian Revolution and World Proletarian Revolution. 

The Red Flag publishes editorials, national, and international articles online regularly, and prints physical copies monthly. The news organ also shares educational documents and texts on specific topics under the ‘Dossier’ section. This month, the ‘Dossier’ is dedicated to producing and sharing texts on the Communist Party of Peru and the People’s War in Peru.

In their ‘about us’ section, The Red Flag‘s editors explain the need for a news organ that serves the Austrian working class and the international proletariat, writing “The media of the rulers are organs that have merged with the capitalist monopolies and the state apparatus.” The editors explain that the monopoly media and the capitalist State share the same class character and work together to obscure the root of exploitation to prevent the working class from uniting. 

The editors state that the monopoly media cannot and does not serve the multitude of exploited and oppressed peoples, therefore a need exists for the working class to produce its own news organ: “[…] the oppressed and exploited under the rule of finance capital do not have their own press unless they create organs for themselves […] it must inevitably be a platform that comes from the masses of the people and serves their interests.”

The editors combat the monopoly media’s lies regarding ‘unbiased’ reporting by explaining that the monopoly media does not report neutrally due to their class character. On the other hand, a democratic and revolutionary newspaper cannot be neutral because it struggles to serve the exploited and oppressed masses, always in service of the World Proletarian Revolution. “It is an illusion to believe that there could be a democratic press that does not have a combative and partisan character. The democratic press is not ‘neutral’ and not impartial, it works in the interests of the majority of the population.”

The Red Flag is the living legacy of the revolutionary and communist newspaper of 1918, which emerged by standing alongside the Austrian working class and reporting on their struggles against revisionism, fascism, and in support of workers’ strikes and their demands. Tribune of the People salutes this advance for The Red Flag and encourages our readers to show their support of the paper as well.


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