Week in Struggle: November 5-11


Throughout Brazil, revolutionaries have continued their campaign in honor of Chairman Gonzalo. Graffiti, murals, and posters have continued to be documented in the country. Chairman Gonzalo, assassinated on September 11 by the old Peruvian State backed by US imperialism, led the Communist Party of Peru (PCP, Partido Comunista del Peru) and is the greatest Communist of the modern era. The graffiti read, “Chairman Gonzalo lives through his almighty Gonzalo Thought!” The two murals read, “Professor Abimael Guzman [Chairman Gonzalo] lives in the fight of the people of the world!” and “Honor and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo! People’s War until Communism!”

On November 8, Red Unit – Revolutionary Youth League (UV-LJR, Unidade Vermelha – Liga da Juventude Revolucionária) and Popular Revolutionary Student Movement (MEPR, Movimento Estudantil Popular Revolucionário) stood in solidarity with striking truck drivers. Members of the youth brigade sold copies of A Nova Democracia, a Brazilian democratic newspaper, to picketing truck drivers in the Port of Santos, the largest port in Latin America. The truck drivers have been striking for over a week and are demanding better working conditions and wages. The strike successfully paralyzed the port despite police repression on November 8. Activists raised the slogan “All support and solidarity to the truck drivers’ strike! It’s right to rebel!”

This week in Minas Gerais, Brazil’s largest state, graffiti in solidarity with the League of Poor Peasants (LCP, Liga dos Camponeses Pobres) and the peasants from the Tiago Campin dos Santos and the Ademar Ferreira Settlements was reported by A Nova Democracia. Peasants in these settlements have heroically overcome an attempted massacre by the Brazilian reactionary armed forces and reconquered their land after being evicted. The slogans read, “All support for the Tiago dos Santos Camp!” “All support for the Ademar Ferreira Camp!” and “Long live LCP!”

A solidarity mission organized by the Brazilian Association of People’s Lawyers (Abraspo, Associação Brasileira de Advogados do Povo Nacional) and the Brazilian Center for Solidarity to the People (Cebraspo, Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos) mobilized 18 democratic organizations to support the return of the peasants of the Tiago Campin dos Santos and the Ademar Ferreira Settlements to their land.


On November 5, the Front for the Defense of the People’s Struggles of Ecuador (FLDP-EC, Frente de Defensa de Luchas del Pueblo del Ecuador) published a statement in support of the League of Poor Peasants and the peasants of the Tiago Campin dos Santos and the Ademar Ferreira Settlements. The statement included pictures of Ecuadorian revolutionaries holding a banner with the slogan “Long live the LCP!” The banner was hung from a highway overpass.


This week, Mexican revolutionaries continued their solidarity campaign for the release of Salvador Pinal Melendez, a political prisoner detained on September 20 for opposing the Interoceanic Corridor Development project in the south of Mexico. Current of the People – Red Sun (CP-Sol Rojo, Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo) shared a poster made for Salvador Pinal Melendez, which read, “Freedom to Salvador Pinal Melendez! Freedom to political prisoners! Down with the imperialist megaprojects of dispossession and death!”


On November 10, in Essen, a city in western Germany, revolutionaries painted a mural in honor of Comrade Pala. Pala was a militant of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) and a combatant of the Turkish Liberation Army of the Workers and Peasants (TÏKKO) who fought in the People’s War in Turkey. He passed away on November 3 due to health problems. The mural states, “Veteran of the revolution and the Party! Hüsyin Peken (Pala) is immortal!” alongside a hammer and sickle. 

On November 9, in Freiburg, located in southwest Germany, graffiti in honor of Comrade Pala was documented. The graffiti read, “Comrade Pala is immortal!” and “The revolutionary martyrs are immortal!”

On November 7, in Hamburg, a major port city in northern Germany, graffiti with the slogan “It is right to rebel!” and the hammer and sickle was documented. The slogan went up in response to police attacking 21 protesters on October 31. Police repression has increased under the state of emergency. The ruling class of Germany imposed the state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and used it as justification to increase repression against the people in Germany. 


This week, revolutionaries and Communists commemorated the 98th anniversary of the Communist Party of Norway, founded on November 4, 1923, in Oslo, Trondheim, and Kristiansand. Multiple red flags with the hammer and sickle and graffiti were reported in the three cities. The graffiti read, “Reconstitute the Norwegian Communist Party!” and “Long live Maoism!”

United States


This week, revolutionaries in Wheeling, West Virginia, painted a mural replicating an original art piece by the Communist Party of Peru. The mural depicts the Andes with red flags emblazoned with the hammer and sickle and Peruvian peasants with arms in hand. The mural includes the slogan “Eternal honor and glory to Chairman Gonzalo!”


This week in Oxnard, California, graffiti honoring Chairman Gonzalo was documented, reading, “Eternal honor and glory to Chairman Gonzalo!” in English and Spanish.

Last weekend, Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group (OxRevStudy) held their monthly convivio (community gathering) at a local park. The organizers spoke about Brandon Alvarez, a former corporal in the United States Marine Corps, who was found dead in his barracks closet at the Naval Support Activity Bahrain base. An internal autopsy concluded that Alvarez committed suicide by hanging. Despite this claim, his family suspects Alvarez was murdered. Local revolutionaries and family members called for justice and answers about Alvarez’s death.

Kansas City

Revolutionaries in Kanas City, Missouri, installed a plaque in honor of Chairman Gonzalo. The plaque shares information on Chairman Gonzalo’s contributions to the Peruvian Revolution, the World Proletarian Revolution, and the International Communist Movement. It also denounced the old Peruvian State’s murder of Chairman Gonzalo.

Also this week in Kansas City, graffiti in solidarity with the revolutionary organization Current of the People – Red Sun was documented. The graffiti calls for the Mexican State to present Dr. Ernesto Sernas Garcia alive. He was forcefully disappeared in 2018 by the reactionary Mexican State for defending 23 CP-Sol Rojo militants. The graffiti read, “Present Dr. Ernesto Sernas Garcia alive!” and “Long live the Current of the People – Red Sun!”


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