Texas: Little Elm Police Attack High School Students During Protest

By Josefina Morales

Last Friday, in Little Elm, a small city in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, multiple high schoolers were pepper sprayed and attacked by city police officers during a protest against sexist violence at Little Elm High School (LEHS). Students courageously resisted the attack, and four teens were arrested for confrontations with police and could potentially face charges. Officers tased one student, a Black youth, then dragged him across the floor.

Video of the police attack was shared on social media exposing the disproportionately violent response to the protest, which students had organized against the administration’s punishment of a female student who had reported a sexual assault.

One parent who witnessed the repression told the local ABC affiliate, “There were students being arrested and manhandled on the floor. There were children crying and screaming, it was utter chaos. People were banging on the doors, police were pushing the children around…”

In one video, students are seen trying to aid the student who had been tased and was unable to stand up, with police detaining them or threatening them with a stun gun in response. Video also shows police grabbing a girl by her hair, and pinning her to the floor, escalating violence. Students bravely confronted the police, putting their bodies on the line to protect each other from the police assault.

The school has blamed the students for the police’s attack, calling the protest a result of “inaccurate information.” The protest, arranged through social media, was carried out by hundreds of students in support of a peer who had reported her ongoing sexual assault at the hands of a fellow student to LEHS.

According to social media posts by other students who had given witness statements to the school, the female student was accused by school administrator Dr. Gerald Muhammad (Vice Principal and Campus Behavior Coordinator) and School Resource Officer Trung Pham, (an on-campus police officer) of lying about her assaulter’s behavior. The school punished the female student with in-school suspension, while her attacker has received no punishment from the school.


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