Week in Struggle: November 19-25


On November 14, the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) killed four police informants and blew up their homes. The combatants left a warning affirming that the Party (the Communist Party of India (Maoist), which leads the PLGA) would punish traitors and that the action was retaliation for the death of four PGLA members and lost weapons as a result of the informants’ betrayal. The PLGA has continued to wage struggle against Operation Prahaar-3, a reactionary military offensive of the old Indian State begun in October this year.

On November 20, an armed strike was called for November 27, in protest of the arrest and torture of four members of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) Central Committee and the massacre of 26 unarmed revolutionaries on November 13.

On November 20, suspected PLGA members blew up train tracks in the state of Jharkhand, and as a result the train service was stopped for two hours.


A previously reported campaign for the liberation of political prisoner Salvador Pinal Melendez in Mexico has continued. Posters were documented this week in four cities in Oaxaca. Melendez was arrested on September 20 for opposing the Interoceanic Corridor Development project in southern Mexico.

Last week, the Francisco Villa community, joined by Current of the People – Red Sun (CP-Sol Rojo, Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo), received documentation recognizing their homes. Under the guidance of a General Assembly of the People in the Struggle (Asamblea General del Pueblo en Lucha), this community fought for over ten years for the right to dignified housing and land based on the principle of self-determination. The meeting where they received the documents ended with the slogans, “With the Red Sun, the people will win!” “Present Ernesto Sernas Garcia alive! Luis Armando did not die, the State killed him!” and “Freedom for political prisoners!” Dr. Sernas was forcefully disappeared in 2018 by the reactionary Mexican State for legally defending 23 militants from CP-Sol Rojo against false possession of explosives charges.


This week in the cities of LugoSantiago de CompostelaA CoruñaOurense, and Vigograffiti and posters in support of the People’s War in India were seen. The posters read, “Long live the People’s War in India,” “Long live Maoism,” “Long live the CPI (Maoist),” “Death to the fascist and genocidal regime of Modi!” and “Modi is fascist and genocidal.” 


This week in Bremen and Hamburg, roughly 2,000 public service workers went on strike in each city called upon by their unions to demand higher wages. Local revolutionaries put up banners at each protest with the slogan, “Break the vicious cycle! For a militant union!” in contrast to the sellout “yellow” union representatives who have pushed to make the strikes as “peaceful” as possible.

In Essen-Altendorf and Bremen, on the International Day of Action called for by the CPI (Maoist) against the Prahaar-3 military campaign on November 24, graffiti was documented with the slogans “Long live the People’s War in India—Down with Prahaar-3” and “Down with Operation Prahaar-3! Victory to the People’s War in India” alongside hammer and sickles. 


This week in Bergen, graffiti with the slogans “Support the People’s War in India!” and “Live CPI (Maoist)!” was documented. The graffiti is a response to the International Day of Action against Prahaar-3. Elsewhere in the city, graffiti reading, “Eternal honor to Chairman Gonzalo!” and “Long live Maoism!” was documented.

Banners and posters in support of the Brazilian organization League of Poor Peasants (LCP, Liga dos Camponeses Pobres) were documented in Bergen and Kristiansand. The LCP organizes poor peasants in their struggle for land in Brazil’s countryside. The banners and posters read, “Long live the LCP” and “Support the poor peasants’ struggle in Brazil.”


In Copenhagen, a banner supporting the Communist Party of India (Maoist) was seen. The banner read, “Down with Prahaar-3! Victory to the People’s War in India.” The banner is a response to the International Day of Action against the Prahaar-3 military operation.

United States

In response to the CPI (Maoist)’s call to hold an International Day of Action against the new counter-revolutionary military operation Prahaar-3, the Tribune of the People Support Committee Austin, Texas and revolutionaries in Eugene, Oregon gave speeches and held educational events on the People’s War in India.

In Los Angeles, California, and Austin, Texas, graffiti supporting the People’s War in India and denouncing the fascist and genocidal Modi regime was documented. The graffiti read, “Long live the People’s War in India!” “Death to the fascist and genocidal Modi regime!” and “Long live the CPI (Maoist)!”

This week, graffiti with the slogans “Eternal honor and glory to Chairman Gonzalo” and “Long live Chairman Gonzalo” was documented in Los Angeles, California, and Austin, Texas. Revolutionaries around the world have raised these slogans in honor of Chairman Gonzalo, after his assassination by the reactionary Peruvian State.

This week in Los Angeles, California, graffiti in solidarity with CP-Sol Rojo was documented. The graffiti reads, “Present Dr. Ernesto Sernas Garcia alive!” and “Long live the Current of the People – Red Sun!”

The slogan “People’s Justice for Guillermo Amezcua!” was documented in Los Angeles, California. Amezcua was shot at least 60 times by San Fernando police officers while sitting in his car in San Fernando, California, in April of this year. Revolutionaries alongside Amezcua’s family members have united to fight for people’s justice for his death at the hands of the San Fernando Police Department.

This week in Chicago, Illinois, Tribune promotional posters were documented. One promotional poster can be seen at a rally held in downtown Chicago following Kyle Rittenhouse’s not guilty verdict. Official supporters distributed Tribune articles at the rally.


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