Chairman Gonzalo Special Edition Available for Order

In honor of Chairman Gonzalo’s birthday, marked on December 3, Tribune of the People has produced a special edition of our newsprint entirely dedicated to Chairman Gonzalo’s life, legacy, and leadership of the World Proletarian Revolution.

The special edition includes articles covering Chairman Gonzalo’s heroic sacrifice and his masterful leadership of the People’s War in Peru; commemorations around the world; his ideological contributions, and more.

Order a copy for yourself, or request multiple copies to share this important special edition with your community, friends, and family, or to conduct study groups.

The cost of each newsprint is $2, plus shipping (continental US only, shipping calculated after placing order). In areas where we have Tribune Support Committees and members, it may be possible to arrange direct delivery.

Availability is limited–we encourage you to order soon!

Contact to place an order.