Commemorations of Chairman Gonzalo’s Birthday and Founding of the People’s Liberation Army

Last week, Communists, revolutionaries, and workers across the world commemorated Chairman Gonzalo’s 87th birthday and the 1979 founding of the People’s Liberation Army in Peru by defending and raising the red flag of Maoism and the People’s War in Peru. Both important events are marked on December 3.

Chairman Gonzalo defined Maoism, the third and superior stage of Marxism, in practice, by initiating and leading the People’s War in Peru. He united the poor peasantry and workers of Peru in a revolutionary armed struggle to conquer Power in the country. Chairman Gonzalo is recognized as the leader of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP, Partido Comunista del Perú) and the World Proletarian Revolution for his contributions to the Peruvian masses and the international proletariat.

The Peruvian State, backed by US imperialism, assassinated Chairman Gonzalo on September 11, 2021, in an attempt to defeat the People’s War. However, the Peruvian State’s plot was futile: Chairman Gonzalo will always be remembered by the people of the world as a leader, teacher, and example, giving his life in defense of Maoism and the People’s War.

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, activists held a cultural event in honor of Chairman Gonzalo’s birthday on December 3. Speakers discussed how Maoism guides the struggle for people’s justice for Jim Rogers (who was murdered by Pittsburgh police) as well as the struggles of the people of the world. Attendees concluded the event by singing the revolutionary songs “Without Power” and The Internationale.

The following day revolutionaries marched through Mt. Washington, the highest point in the Pittsburgh area, with a large painted portrait of Chairman Gonzalo and a red banner with the slogans, “Eternal honor and glory to Chairman Gonzalo, Long live the People’s War in Peru.” Tribune supporters distributed articles on Chairman Gonzalo to onlookers during the march.

On December 3, in Los Angeles, California, a group marched in the streets of downtown Los Angeles with a large portrait of Chairman Gonzalo, which included the slogan “Eternal honor and glory to Chairman Gonzalo.” The demonstrators made their way to the Peruvian consulate, where outside, attendees denounced the Peruvian State for murdering Chairman Gonzalo and set fire to pictures of his executioners: US president Joe Biden and Peruvian president Pedro Castillo.

A cultural event honoring Chairman Gonzalo was held by revolutionaries in Los Angeles the next day. The event showcased paintings depicting Chairman Gonzalo, and money raised at the event went towards supporting political prisoners. A musician performed the revolutionary song “Killincho Guerrillero,” also known as “Combatiente Guerrillero.” The New Dawn of Bell, a group of activists from local mobile home parks, donated Peruvian food for attendees.

On December 2, the Tribune of the People Support Committee in Austin held an educational event on Chairman Gonzalo at a park in South Austin. The speaker at the event recited a speech written by the Zonal Committee of Ayacucho of the PCP in 1990.

The speaker quoted the speech, “You ask, who is Chairman Gonzalo? He’s the new leader of the heroic deeds, teacher of teachers, great among the greats. He is the eagle of our Party.”

“We want a new, communist society. No rich or poor. A society of eternal harmony. Chairman Gonzalo guarantees it. Raising, defending, and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought. The People’s War in Peru lights bright hopes,” she continued.

On Saturday, activists and revolutionaries in Austin, Texas, marched down Guadalupe Street, adjacent to the campus of University of Texas at Austin. The marchers carried a large portrait of Chairman Gonzalo and two banners with the slogans “Long live Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the world proletarian revolution,” and “Eternal Honor and Glory to Chairman Gonzalo.” Effigies of US president Biden and Peruvian president Castillo were set on fire at the end of the march.

In Providence, Rhode Island, Official Supporters of Tribune of the People held an event at a local park in honor of Chairman Gonzalo. The supporters made a banner with the slogan “Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, down with revisionism,” referencing Chairman Gonzalo’s contributions to defining Maoism. In St. Louis, Missouri, supporters of Tribune took a photo with a poster reading, “Long live the PCP!” with pictures of Chairman Gonzalo.

International Actions

In Ecuador, the Front for the Defense of the People’s Struggles of Ecuador (Frente de Defensa de Luchas del Pueblo del Ecuador) documented various actions commemorating Chairman Gonzalo’s birthday. A large banner with Chairman Gonzalo’s portrait and the slogan “Eternal honor and glory to Chairman Gonzalo!” was documented, as well as graffiti reading, “Eternal glory to Chairman Gonzalo!” throughout the country. Revolutionaries held an educational event on Chairman Gonzalo and his contributions to the Peruvian masses and the people of the world.

In Hamburg, Bremen, Essen, and Berlin, Germany, graffiti reading, “Eternal honor and glory to Chairman Gonzalo” was documented. In Berlin, the graffiti was strategically placed so hundreds of commuting workers would encounter it. 

Revolutionary German news service Dem Volke Dienen reported that activists and revolutionaries in Berlin studied the editorial “Defend the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and His All-Powerful Gonzalo Thought,” from the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist journal Communist International.

On Saturday, in Basel, Germany, German and Turkish revolutionaries held a small cultural event in honor of Chairman Gonzalo’s birthday and the founding of the People’s Liberation Army. Attendees studied the editorial “Defend the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo” and watched You Must Tell the World, a 1993 documentary by the International Emergency Committee to Defend the Life of Dr. Abimael Guzman. In attendance were older comrades who participated in the campaign to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo after his capture in 1992. 

In Freiburg, Germany, graffiti with the slogan “Eternal glory and honor to Chairman Gonzalo” was documented.

On December 3, the Committee for the Defense of Chairman Gonzalo Austria organized a wreath-laying ceremony and march, which carried banners depicting his face and red flags and chanted the slogan “Chairman Gonzalo is immortal!”

The march commenced with a speech beginning, “Today we want to uphold the life and work of Chairman Gonzalo on the occasion of his 87th birthday on December 3rd,”and ended with activists laying a wreath with the slogan “Eternal glory to Chairman Gonzalo” in German and Spanish in front of the Peruvian embassy. 

The Committee has called for demonstrations in January 2022 as part of the international campaign in honor of Chairman Gonzalo.

In Oslo, Norway, graffiti with the slogan “Long live Chairman Gonzalo!” and a hammer and sickle was reported. Elsewhere in the city, a large banner reading, “Long live Chairman Gonzalo” was also seen. A banner with the same slogan was also documented in Trondheim, Norway, hanging on a bridge overpass in a working-class neighborhood south of the city center.

In Kristiansand, Norway, a large poster of Chairman Gonzalo and graffiti with the slogans, “Eternal honor and glory to Chairman Gonzalo,” and “People’s War until Communism” was documented.


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