Proletarian Art: Honoring Garrett Foster for His 30th Birthday

In honor of what would have been antiracist activist Garrett Foster’s 30th Birthday on December 4, Tribune illustrator Reed Everson created a piece of art to celebrate Foster and his life dedicated to serving the people and fighting for a better world.

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The artist wrote the following about the piece:

Garrett Foster’s sacrifice reminds us that we aren’t just fighting for ourselves; we are fighting for a better world for everyone. His selfless devotion to the people inspires me, as it should inspire us all.”

The art includes one of Foster’s mottos, “Front line, Every Time,” and depicts Foster pushing his fiancé, Whitney Mitchell, in her wheelchair. Up until the night Foster was murdered by US Army Sergeant Daniel Perry, Foster and Mitchell had been marching in the streets for nearly 50 consecutive nights since the May Uprisings began. Foster was committed to fighting racism and police brutality, and sacrificed his life as a servant of the people and defender of Black lives.


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