Campaign to Support People’s War in India Salutes Successful International Day of Action

By David Martinez

The International Committee in Support to the People’s War in India (ICSPWI) released a statement this week celebrating the successful undertaking of an international day of action on November 24 to defend the People’s War against the reactionary Indian State’s current military campaign, known as ‘Prahaar 3.’ Prahaar 3 is the latest iteration of the government’s offensive against the People’s War led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) [CPI (Maoist)]. Declaring that “internationalist solidarity is a weapon!” the ICSPWI celebrated the fact that “hundreds of actions” had taken place for the campaign.

The call to action was launched in early November by committees in Galicia and Italy, and was echoed by the CPI (Maoist). Referring to Operation ‘Green Hunt,’ the State’s previously failed military campaign, the ICSPWI says that “The CPI (Maoist) resists and fights, and as it defeated the operation ‘Green Hunt,’ it will defeat the infamous ‘Prahaar 3!’”

The People’s War in India, led by the CPI (Maoist) and waged by its People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA), has mobilized the peasants in the countryside across vast swaths of the country, with the goal of conquering power and building a new society.

The ICSPWI denounced the fascist Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, saying that the solidarity campaign is “increasingly frightening to the regime of the fascist and genocidal Modi and its imperialist masters in the world.”

In Italy, protests were held at the Indian embassy in Rome and the consulate in Milan. These were linked to massive protests against the G20 summit occurring at the same time that Modi was in Rome. The Union of Self-Organized Intercategorized Workers (Known as SLAI Cobas), voted to adopt a motion of solidarity with the People’s War.

According to the ICSPWI statement, all “the cities of Galicia have been reached by the agitation of the Committee in that country.” This was also the first time the solidarity call was “met in the Spanish State, with initiatives in various cities, organized by young Marxist-Leninist-Maoists.”

Graffiti and banners for the campaign were documented in Germany, Ireland, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, France, and Canada. Turkey, where the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist–Leninist (TKP/ML) is fighting its own People’s War, participated in the campaign as well.

In Latin America, the ICSPWI said, “solidarity with the people’s war in India came strongly from one of the red bases of the world revolution, Brazil.” More demonstrations were held in Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and Ecuador.

In the US imperialist state, the main enemy of the world’s people and a major backer of Modi, the ICSPWI celebrated that actions took place across the country, as “solidarity rose with strength in the hands of the Maoist comrades from various cities.”

The ICSPWI declared that this is only the beginning of an ongoing campaign. They say that arms of the Indian State around the world, from embassies and consulates to financial institutions, “will not sleep peacefully,” as the campaign proceeds.

Holding up the People’s War in India to inspire other countries oppressed by imperialism, the ICSPWI said, “The world proletariat understands and will increasingly understand that the advancement of the People’s wars in India and in the other countries in which it is developing at various stages puts into question the balance of power not only in the South Asian region but in the whole world imperialist system.”

Calling for more support committees to be formed and the continuation of the campaign, the ICSPWI said its next step is to hold an international meeting at the end of January 2022 to develop the campaign and strengthen the ties between the many countries who participated.


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