Week in Struggle: December 10-16


The People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA), under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) [CPI (Maoist)], continues to take military actions against the old Indian State despite repression during the military campaign Operation Prahaar, carried out by the fascist president Narendra Modi.

On December 10, suspected PLGA combatants and state security forces exchanged fire near the same police station attacked on November 25.

Suspected PLGA combatants set fire to a construction site and vehicles on December 9. Private contractors in the area had been told to stop work by the PLGA previously, as infrastructure projects like these displace peasants from land and their livelihoods and are used by the old Indian State to attack PLGA combatants and the Communist Party of India (Maoist). 

On December 6, a construction vehicle was set on fire by suspected PLGA combatants in the village of Eturnagaram in the south-central state of Telangana. Combatants left a letter that encouraged the people to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the PLGA and take part in the fight against the corrupt Telangana government.


More graffiti was seen in Brazil in support of the PLGA and CPI (Maoist)’s fight against Operation Prahaar-3 this past week. The slogans read, “Down with Operation Prahaar-3! Long live the People’s War in India! Long live the CPI (Maoist)!” and included hammer and sickles.

The Popular Revolutionary Student Movement (MEPR, Movimento Estudantil Popular Revolucionário) continued the campaign to honor Chairman Gonzalo on November 1. Chairman Gonzalo was assassinated on September 11 by the old Peruvian State backed by US imperialism. He led the Communist Party of Peru and is the greatest Communist of the current era. MEPR held a people’s school to educate people on Chairman Gonzalo’s importance. At the event, attendees read excerpts from the interview with Chairman Gonzalo conducted by the Peruvian people’s newspaper El Diario and from his Speech of the Century given after he was captured by the reactionary Peruvian State in 1992. Attendees sang the Internationale and the event ended with the chanting of the slogans “Eternal honor and glory to Chairman Gonzalo!” “President Gonzalo lives in his all-powerful Gonzalo Thought!” and “Long live the Peruvian Revolution!”

On December 9, the Brazilian Center of Solidarity with the People (CEBRASPO, Centro Brasileño de Solidaridad con los Pueblos) and the Brazilian Association of Lawyers of the People (Associação Brasileira de Advogados do Povo) publicly delivered a 40-page report about the peasants in Camps Tiago Campin dos Santos and Ademar Ferreira, led by the League of Poor Peasants (LCP, Liga dos Camponeses Pobres). For the report, testimonies and images were collected from 18 progressive and democratic organizations and 40 people who visited from October 25 to 27, 2021. The report will be filed in state and human rights organizations and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. During the presentation, speakers read a letter thanking attendees for their solidarity from Estéfane Moraes, who was imprisoned for six months with three other young peasants from the Camp Manoel Ribeiro. The poet Elizeu Braga also spoke and disseminated a poem by a peasant woman from Tiago Campin dos Santos which denounced the persecution and murder of peasants. The organizers held another event on December 14 to launch another solidarity mission, gathering reports to break the silence of the old Brazilian State about their repression of the peasant movement.

The Support Committee for the revolutionary Brazilian newspaper A Nova Democracia in Curitiba, a city in the southern Brazilian state of Parana, spoke to people about the struggles of the LCP on December 3. The committee members and supporters held a large banner that read, “Long live the heroic resistance of the peasants of the Tiago Campin dos Santos and Ademar Ferreira Settlements!” Members of the Support Committee denounced the police siege and human rights violations of the old Brazilian State against peasant families since September 2020.

On November 27, activists organized a meeting at the Federal University of Parana to discuss the LCP and conditions in the countryside. Activists read and discussed the article “Long Live the Peasant Resistance in the Tiago Campin dos Santos, Ademar Ferreira and 2 Amigos Areas!” published by the newspaper Peasant Resistance. Activists displayed pictures of peasants who were murdered around the courtyard, including Gedeon Duque and Rafael Tedesco, who were murdered on October 29 by police. Additionally, the activists denounced Brazilian universities as institutions that do not serve the people, as the university would not allow activists to use public classrooms for the meeting.

The Support Committee for A Nova Democracia in Salvador, a city in the northeastern state of Bahia, distributed a special edition print issue about Chairman Gonzalo on November 18. Members of the Support Committee denounced Chairman Gonzalo’s murder at the hands of the old State in Peru with the backing of US imperialism while explaining his great resistance in never surrendering or betraying the Peruvian Revolution after 29 years of solitary confinement and torture. They also spoke on the struggle of the LCP in the countryside, the poor conditions in the country, and the electoral farce. The A Nova Democracia special edition print was displayed in many shops in the area.

On December 18, the Support Committee for A Nova Democracia in Sao Paulo will have a movie screening and discussion of The Red Detachment of Women, a movie from the socialist period in China. The film portrays how women are a force for revolution, specifically showing women-only military brigades organized during the Chinese Revolution. The film is inspired by a ballet performance created during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

The Health Committee for Popular Defense in Parana (Comitê Sanitário de Defesa Popular) held its first open assembly on December 4. The event occurred in a Municipal Child Education Center of a poor neighborhood and had wide participation from the community, and a people’s nursery provided childcare, allowing mothers to participate. The meeting went over the work of the committee since it first began, and then attendees discussed the current political situation, the problems of the neighborhood, and future committee work. Problems related to public health and education were the most discussed topics. An attendee said, “Through the Health Committee we do a lot that should be the government’s responsibility to ensure, so we need to go beyond and agitate more and more, … protest in front of the post office and the Secretary of Health. […] Look how much tax we pay for them to do this to us!”


Revolutionary Finnish newspaper Red Flag published a statement in honor of Chairman Gonzalo’s birthday on December 3, by Finnish Communists-in-formation. The statement reads,

On the occasion of 87th anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo’s birth, we the Finnish Communists-in-formation, Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, with the universally valid contributions of Chairman Gonzalo reaffirm our solemn pledge to hold high his deep red banners and defend his Great Leadership, continuing his struggle from where he left and denouncing his cowardly assassination by the conspiracy of the Yankee-CIA, the Peruvian reaction headed by rondero* Castillo and the right-opportunist line, revisionist and capitulationist, headed by rat ‘Miriam.'”

*Ronderos are civilian militias organized by the old Peruvian State to combat the People’s War. “Rondero” can refer to both the squads and individual members of them. 


On December 9, the Young Revolutionaries (Jeunes Révolutionnaires) participated in a rally in Aubervilliers, a northeastern suburb of Paris. The rally denounced the policy of Mayor Karine Franclet that will destroy social housing in multiple working-class neighborhoods.

In Rennes, the Young Revolutionaries distributed the revolutionary French newspaper Cause Du Peuple to residents of the Villejean-Kennedy neighborhood. Members of the organization discussed the upcoming elections of 2022 and the importance of boycotting them and the need to fight for revolution. Food was also distributed to residents.

United States


Official Supporters of Tribune of the People sold a special edition print of Chairman Gonzalo outside the grocery store Food4Less in Oxnard, California, on Sunday. People received the newspaper in a positive light. One person told our Official Supporters, “This will be new reading material for me.”

In Oxnard, California, graffiti stating “Maoism will guide the revolution,” and “Mao Zedong will never die! The Struggle goes on!” was documented.

In Austin, Texas, graffiti supporting the People’s War in India was documented. The graffiti reads, “Down with Operation Prahaar-3,” denouncing the military operation initiated by the fascist government of Narendra Modi against the CPI (Maoist).

In Austin, Texas, graffiti supporting the poor peasants’ struggle for land in Brazil was documented. The graffiti reads, “Long live the LCP.”

In Waukegan, Illinois, and Cincinnati, Ohio, flyers commemorating Chairman Gonzalo, the recognized leader of the Communist Party of Peru and the world proletarian revolution, were reported. Tribune promotional flyers were also documented.