Week in Struggle: December 17-23


The People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) under the leadership of the Communist Party of India [CPI (Maoist)] continues to carry out armed actions against the State during the counter-revolutionary Operation Praahar-3.

On December 17, seventeen train boxcars were derailed by suspected Maoist forces in Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada district. On the same day, an exchange of fire took place between reactionary security forces of the old Indian State and suspected combatants of the PLGA while state forces were combing the Odisha-Chhattisgarh border under Sinapalli police limits. The suspected combatants of the PLGA were able to repel the attack and retreat without any losses.

On December 15, suspected PLGA combatants injured a Greyhounds (Special Unit) assistant sub-inspector of police engaged in “Anti-Naxal” combing operations in the Cherla Mandal district of Telangana with an improvised explosive device.

On December 14, a police informant was killed in the district of Sukma, Chhattisgarh. According to bourgeois Indian media, the target was killed for supporting the reactionary Indian State and for participating in illegal deforestation and land acquisitions in the area.


Last week, a huge mural was seen in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in support of the PLGA and CPI (Maoist)’s fight against Operation Prahaar-3. The slogan reads, “Down with Operation Prahaar-3! Long live the CPI (Maoist)! Long live the People’s War in India!” In Pernambuco, a state in northeast Brazil, blocks of posters were also seen supporting the CPI (Maoist). 

The Brazilian Center of Solidarity with the People (CEBRASPO, Centro Brasileño de Solidaridad con los Pueblos) and the Brazilian Association of Lawyers of the People (Associação Brasileira de Advogados do Povo) organized an event in support of the League of Poor Peasants (LCP, Liga dos Camponeses Pobres), who organize the poor peasants in the countryside in their struggle for land, on December 14. The general director of the Brazilian revolutionary newspaper A Nova Democracia and representatives of the National Executive of Pedagogy Students attended the event. Other attendees came from human rights organizations, such as representatives of the National Human Rights Council, the Center for Justice and International Law, and the Association of Judges for Democracy. 

The president of CEBRASPO reported on the solidarity mission to the Tiago Campin dos Santos and Ademar Ferreira settlements, which occurred October 25 through 27 with 20 democratic organizations and more than 40 supporters participating. The mission was to learn of the crimes of the reactionary Brazilian State against the peasants in order to publicize them. The report included many crimes, such as illegal eviction, unsafe water, and the destruction of the peasants’ homes. Attendees also went over repression they have faced for defending the LCP, including theft of their documents and cell phones. During the event, attendees also paid tribute to Comrade Pele, one of the founders of the LCP in the western Brazilian states of Rondonia and Western Amazonia. Pele died on December 8 from negligent medical care.

Last week, the Popular Revolutionary Student Movement (MEPR, Movimento Estudantil Popular Revolucionário) put up posters to draw attention to the struggle for the innocence of peasant Luzivaldo, from Minas Gerais, a state in southeastern Brazil. Luzivaldo has faced political persecution since 2018 and was arrested in 2020. Luzivaldo and his brother were charged by the State with murder in 2018, without any investigation. This occurred while the camp that Luzivaldo lived in was fighting against police incursions and attempted evictions by the State. As the MEPR’s posters state, “the old Brazilian State criminalizes and demonizes the struggle for the land, charging poor peasants as invaders, vagabonds, thugs, and now as killers.”

On December 17, the student-run Open Veins Journal (Revista Veias Abertas) organized an in-person class at the University of Rio de Janeiro about returning to in-person classes and historical negationism (the falsification or distortion of historical records). In Brazil, distance learning is used by the State to push for the privatization of universities, as public universities are free for undergraduates, while private universities charge fees. Events like this continue a trend of student resistance to education privatization, including a student strike and occupation at the Federal University of Parana.


Last weekend, revolutionaries and activists in Aalborg, located in northern Denmark, held a demonstration in support of the LCP. The demonstrators held a banner with the slogan “Support the struggle of the poor peasants in Brazil” and waved red flags with the hammer and sickle and the abbreviation LCP. Flyers explaining the struggle of poor peasants in Brazil were handed out to passersby.

Revolutionaries in Denmark held an educational event on the LCP. Those who hosted the event spoke about the struggle for land in the western Brazilian state of Rondonia and showed footage of the poor peasants at the event.


Earlier this week, activists from the revolutionary organization Struggle Committee hosted an anti-racist concert, where six rappers performed, in Kristiansand, a city in southern Norway.

United States

In Los Angeles, California, a mural depicting Chairman Gonzalo with his fist up and the slogan “Gonzalo is armed struggle” was documented. The following message was written by the artist of the mural:

Gonzalo es Lucha Armada, which means Gonzalo is armed struggle. The title was chosen after a lyric of the revolutionary Peruvian song, Gonzalo las Masas Rugen, which means Gonzalo, the Masses Roar. It was done as part of the ongoing international campaign to defend the great leadership and all-powerful thought of Chairman Gonzalo. For those who know about Chairman Gonzalo, especially artists, writers and musicians, it’s our job to bring him and his thought to the people, especially the masses of immigrants from Latin America who are forced to leave their home countries because of U.S. imperialism. So when they ask, “What or who is Gonzalo?” We can proclaim, “He is armed struggle!” We can start there, more or less, and add that Gonzalo means the emancipation of humanity from imperialism and reaction, communism. We must demarcate ourselves from those who profess revolution but lead the people off the cliffs of opportunism and revisionism.”

This week in Austin, Texas, graffiti with the slogan “Eternal honor and glory to Chairman Gonzalo!” was documented. The graffiti is part of the ongoing international campaign to defend the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful Thought.

In Austin, graffiti supporting the People’s War in India was documented, reading, “Long live the CPI (Maoist)” and “Long live the People’s War in India!”

Elsewhere in Austin, graffiti supporting the LCP was also documented with the slogan “Long live the LCP!”

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, graffiti in solidarity with Dr. Ernesto Sernas Garcia, a progressive lawyer forcefully disappeared by the Mexican State, and the revolutionary organization Current of the People – Red Sun (CP-Sol Rojo, Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo) was documented. The graffiti reads, “Present Dr. Ernesto Sernas Garcia alive!” and “Long live the Current of the People – Red Sun!”

In Oxnard and Los Angeles, California, graffiti honoring Chairman Mao was documented. Chairman Mao’s 128th birthday will be celebrated by revolutionaries internationally on December 26. Chairman Mao is the most important leader of the Chinese Revolution. It was under his leadership that the Chinese people were liberated from semifeudalism and imperialist oppression. He not only led the socialist revolution in China but also the international proletariat who fight to end their exploitation. The graffiti reads, “Maoism will guide the revolution,” “Power grows from the barrel of the gun,” and “Long live Chairman Mao Zedong.”

On December 18, a group of protestors marched to the Port Hueneme Naval Base in Ventura County, California, to demand justice for Brandon Alvarez, a 22-year-old Marine who died under suspicious circumstances while stationed in Bahrain. Undaunted by the appearance of over 10 police vehicles at the march, Alvarez’s family and friends gave speeches condemning the US Marines as murderers and warning onlookers about lies that are told to youth during military recruitment. Alvarez’s mother spoke with tear-filled rage about the military’s role in her son’s death, stating, “You nasty, horrendous, demonic rats! …They brainwash our kids and convince them to join the military just to kill them! They killed my son! I’ll do this in every city, street, and neighborhood to get justice for my son Brandon Alvarez.” At the gates of the naval base, activists hung up a banner that listed the demands of the Alvarez family.

Tribune of the People Official Supporters in Kansas City, Missouri, distributed the Workers’ Resistance Bulletin, our section that covers workers’ struggles, to workers and others at a popular shopping center.  

Official Supporters in Waukegan, Illinois, put up Tribune promotional posters, posters with Chairman Gonzalo’s portrait, and flyers supporting the LCP in Brazil in various neighborhoods.


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