Bolivia: Revolutionaries Honor Chairman Gonzalo and Raise the Red Flag of Maoism

By Jakob Stein

In December, numerous posters commemorating Chairman Gonzalo as well as red flags with hammer and sickles were documented in the popular neighborhoods of several cities around Bolivia. The photographs were published by the Communist International journal on Thursday, and are notable because they mark one of the first publicized actions for Chairman Gonzalo by revolutionaries in Bolivia in recent memory.

The recent actions contribute to the ongoing international campaign to honor Chairman Gonzalo, the great revolutionary leader of the Communist Party of Peru. Chairman Gonzalo was assassinated through medical neglect by the Peruvian State on September 11, 2021, after 29 years of solitary confinement as one the world’s most closely guarded political prisoners. In the face of such sinister attacks, the Party continues to lead an undefeated People’s War to overthrow the reactionary Peruvian State and expel US imperialism.

Chairman Gonzalo led the workers and peasants of Peru to rise up in great numbers, seizing land in the countryside and expelling police and military forces from large territories, which were subsequently put under the democratic control of the people. His leadership extends far beyond his practical leadership of the People’s War in Peru—he is the ideological leader of revolutionaries around the world because he synthesized Maoism, an undefeatable weapon in the hands of the oppressed masses.

Sharing its western border with southern Peru, Bolivia is an important location for Maoist revolutionaries, as revolutionaries there played an important part in uniting Communist Parties and organizations in Latin America with the teachings of Chairman Gonzalo.

The posters included Chairman Gonzalo’s face, as well as the slogans, “Eternal honor and glory to Chairman Gonzalo!” and “People’s War until Communism!” The number of actions in Bolivia and across the world show the strength of the campaign to defend the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and the growing unity around Maoism on the part of revolutionaries around the world.


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