Week in Struggle: December 24-30


Last week, more graffiti and posters were seen in MinasGerais, a state in southeastern Brazil, supporting the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) and the Communist Party of India (Maoist)’s fight against the counterrevolutionary Operation Prahaar-3. The slogan reads, “Down with Operation Prahaar-3! Long live the CPI (Maoist)! Long live the People’s War in India!”

Last week in Parana, Brazil, graffiti calling for the freedom of political prisoner Luzivaldo de Souza Araujo was seen. Araujo is a peasant arrested on false charges who is now at risk of dying in prison due to illness. The League of Poor Peasants (LCP, Liga dos Camponeses Pobres) and the peasants of Sao Jose da Boa Vista have mobilized in his defense. The graffiti translates to “Immediate freedom to Luzivaldo! Struggle is not a crime!”

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On December 22, the Support Committee for the revolutionary Brazilian newspaper A Nova Democracia in Curitiba, a city in the southern Brazilian state of Parana, talked to people about their current problems, including a lack of clean water and the high price of meat, as well as the struggles of the LCP and the broken electoral system. The Support Committee also highlighted indigenous struggles and shared information about Comrade Jose Fonseca (Pele), one of the founders of the LCP in Rondonia, who died on December 8 after going into cardiac arrest and receiving negligent medical care at a hospital.

The Brazilian Center of Solidarity with the People (CEBRASPO, Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos) and the Brazilian Association of Lawyers of the People (Associação Brasileira de Advogados do Povo Gabriel Pimenta) published a 40-page report online last week about the peasants in the Tiago Campin dos Santos and Ademar Ferreira settlements, who are led by the LCP.

The report includes testimonies and images collected from 18 progressive and democratic organizations and 40 people who visited peasants in the New Mutum district in Porto Velho, Rondonia between October 25 and 27, 2021. The report presents a brief history of the peasant land struggle in the area, including crimes committed against the people, such as the destruction of homes and violent illegal evictions. The groups who made the report signed off on goals including disseminating the report widely and carrying out more solidarity missions to the Tiago Campin dos Santos and Ademar Ferreira settlements. They also demand punishment for military forces who committed violence against the peasants and describe how the state of Rondonia is increasing the criminalization of the peasant land struggle and murdering peasants.


The Front for the Defense of the People’s Struggles of Ecuador (Frente de Defensa de Luchas del Pueblo del Ecuador), a revolutionary organization, published a statement on December 26 in honor of Chairman Mao Zedong’s 128th birthday. Chairman Mao is the most important leader of the Chinese Revolution. Under his guidance and leadership, the Communist Party of China liberated the Chinese people from semi feudalism and imperialist oppression.

The statement discussed how Chairman Mao developed Marxism-Leninism into a higher stage, now Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. It also goes on to say that Maoism has been strengthened by the contributions of universal validity of Chairman Gonzalo. The statement closes with:

Our most heartfelt, affectionate, and combative tribute to Chairman Mao is expressed in the hard struggle for preparing and developing the People’s War to Communism in service of the International Proletariat.”


The Commission of Seasonal Workers in Struggle of the Ñuble Region, one of the poorest and most rural regions in Chile, initiated an agitation campaign in the countryside and city in support of the seasonal workers, calling on the workers to rise up and struggle, defend their rights, denounce the exploitation they face, and to raise the morale of the seasonal workers. The seasonal workers in agriculture face terrible working conditions such as not having access to potable water or restrooms, not being given days off, not being offered contracts, and not being given consistent pay or workers’ compensation in the case of being injured on the job. The commission has raised the slogan “The rebellion of the seasonal workers is justified! To organize a great movement of struggle in the countryside and the city for the rights of the seasonal workers!”


On December 26, the revolutionary organization Current of the People-Red Sun (CP-Sol Rojo, Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo) released a statement calling for commemorations of Chairman Mao’s birthday and their organization, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary of public work and 14 years of serving the people. The statement concludes with:

The red flags of New Democratic, Agrarian, and Anti-imperialist revolution, are hoisted at the top, overflowing of revolutionary optimism. It is a good way to culminate the year and announce that this 2022 will also start organized, with the development of our General Assembly. Both events strengthen us and reaffirm us in our ideology, which is proletarian and scientific.”


Last weekend, graffiti reading, “Unite under Maoism” was seen in Freiburg, located in southern Germany. Graffiti with the same slogan was also seen in Berlin near the BMW factory. The graffiti went up in commemoration of Chairman Mao Zedong’s 128th birthday. The slogan is a call for revolutionaries around the world to take up and unite under the red banner of Maoism.


Revolutionary news outlet, Tjen Folket, reported that a large banner reading “Long Live Maoism” along with a hammer and sickle was documented in Kristiansand during the week of Chairman Mao Zedong’s birthday anniversary, marked on December 26. The banner was hung on a sports facility.

United States

On December 26, Chairman Mao Zedong’s 128th birthday, in the South Central neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, revolutionaries gathered at a street intersection with a large banner with the slogan “Long live 128 years of Chairman Mao!” The banner was then hung from an overpass over I-10 with yellow smoke bombs.

This week in Austin, Texas, graffiti supporting the People’s War in India and the Communist Party of India (Maoist) was documented, reading, “Long live the People’s War in India!” and “Long live the CPI (Maoist)!”

In commemoration of Chairman Mao’s 128th birthday graffiti reading, “Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism! Down with revisionism” was documented in Austin this week.

In Austin, graffiti in solidarity with the LCP was also documented this week. The LCP organizes and leads poor peasants in the struggle for land in Brazil.

In Kansas City, Missouri, a banner reading, “Maoism will guide the revolution,” was documented in honor of Chairman Mao’s 128th birthday.

Official Supporters in Waukegan, Illinois, Columbus, Ohio, and Baltimore, Maryland, put up Tribune promotional posters, posters with Chairman Gonzalo’s portrait, and flyers supporting the LCP in Brazil in various neighborhoods.


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