Austin: Activists Honor Alex Gonzales One Year After He Was Murdered by Police

By Michael Nolan

On the one-year anniversary of the murder of Alex Gonzales by Austin Police Department (APD) officers Gabriel Gutierrez and Luis Serrato, supporters of the Gonzales family demonstrated in front of APD headquarters. Gonzales was murdered on January 5, 2021 when plainclothes officer Gutierrez chased Gonzales down in a fit of road rage, shooting Gonzales and his partner while their two-month-old infant was in the back seat. After arriving on the scene as backup, Serrato fired 10 shots at the unarmed Gonzales, killing him.

The activists marched in two columns carrying a banner bearing a portrait of Gonzales, reading, “The fight for justice continues—Alex Gonzales—Gone but never forgotten” and chanted, “Dare to struggle! Dare to win!” and “Alex Gonzales: presente en la lucha (present in the struggle)!”

In front of APD headquarters, an activist spoke through a megaphone about how the police do not hold themselves accountable and how only struggle from the people can bring justice: “George Floyd didn’t get justice because of some legal technicality, or because enough people were watching. George Floyd got justice because hundreds of thousands, millions of people had taken to the streets and they fought for justice, they revolted against an instance of police murder.”

“It has now been a year since this department, right behind us, murdered Alex Gonzales, a man with his child,” the activist said. “There was no reason they shot him. All they have done is tried to slander his character. It’s been a year and the trial of his murderers has not even started.”

Before leaving, the activists tied the banner to the iron fence APD erected in front of their headquarters in response to months of militant protests following the murder of George Floyd. One protester spray-painted, “People’s justice for Alex” on the sidewalk in front of the banner as the group dispersed.


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