Orlando: Tribune Holds Study of Workers’ Stories, Developing Revolutionary Journalists

By Corey Brooks

On January 22, the Orlando Tribune of the People Support Committee held a study of the paper’s Worker Correspondents articles which inspired attendees to document their own experiences in the workplace and become active in Tribune’s efforts to be a voice for the working class and revolutionary movement.

The event focused on the need for Worker Correspondents, that is, journalists who write about their experiences as workers and many other topics relevant to the working class, with the purpose of uniting workers in the fight for a new society.

After reading an excerpt from revolutionary journalist and Communist labor organizer William Dunne’s pamphlet “Worker Correspondents,” attendees discussed how the capitalist ruling-class media covers events, concluding that it actively works against the interests of the working class.

Attendees then split into groups to read Worker Correspondents articles from Tribune of the People and highlight things that stood out to them. Attendees read accounts from teachers calling for COVID sick pay; on the intimidation of new hires at UPS; and about Amazon firing women workers for reporting sexual assault. In a new supporter’s words, Worker Correspondents articles show “that the problem is not individual employers, managers, businesses, or anything of that sort, but instead the foundations… [of] our political and economic systems.”

The supporter also remarked that what Tribune is covering is “real news” and when asked what he thought on the study, said that Tribune is “going to meet workers on the ground and give them a voice, which is what needs to be done, … and in our modern capitalist media such voices are being suppressed and ignored.”

Optimism at the event was high and two workers were motivated to start writing their own Worker Correspondents articles and talking to their coworkers about their conditions. Another attendee said that the study showed her “how well we work as a group,” and that it was “powerful to see so many people who think the same and have the same passion to work towards change.”

To learn more about becoming a worker correspondent or to get involved in promoting Tribune’s work, reach out to tribuneofthepeople@protonmail.com


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