Austin: Phony ‘Progressive’, DSA Politician Greg Casar Pledges Military Support for Zionist State of Israel

By Noah Long

Greg Casar, a darling of Austin’s phony ‘progressive’ political scene and a city council member, has pledged to continue military support for the Zionist State of Israel if elected to the US House of Representatives for Texas’s 35th District in this year’s midterm elections. In a letter written on January 9 to a local Rabbi regarding his positions on Israel, Casar pledges: “in Congress I will support the continued federal aid for self defense of Israel. This includes the systems necessary for defense against rocket attacks that could harm civilians.”

The letter, published by the magazine Jewish Insider this week, was sent to Austin Rabbi Alan Freedman at the Temple Beth Shalom Reform congregation. In the letter, Casar lays out his opposition to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement and his support for the fascist position that “firmly, completely supports the existence of Israel as a Jewish state,” one of the ideological and political foundations for the Zionist occupation of Palestine.

According to Casar, the “two state solution is the clearest path” to a so-called “peace,” ignoring the reality that the Palestinian people fight for national liberation. The imperialists’ false ‘solution’ seeks to legitimize the colonial state of Israel and preserve the occupation of Palestinian land.

The local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which counts Casar as a member, has endorsed his campaign. Like many other social-democrats, Casar runs on the Democratic Party ticket, bolstering Biden’s party while posing as a ‘leftist’.

The DSA, like the Democratic Party, is an imperialist organization, using the matter of Palestine to lure in anti-imperialist progressives; its national platform states its opposition to military aid to Israel, endorses the BDS movement, and opposes politicians visiting Israel. Some DSA members have moved to censure and expel DSA politicians who go against these positions, recently focusing on US congressman Jamaal Bowman. However, the Austin DSA chapter did not sign on to the statements against Bowman, and national DSA leadership has opposed the call to expel him, showing their toothless posturing. So far, the national DSA has not endorsed Casar.

In his own letter, going against the DSA’s stated position, Casar states that he hopes to “learn more by visiting the Middle East, including Israel and the West Bank.” These ‘tours’ by politicians are conducted entirely under the heavy control of the Israeli State.

Casar’s imperialist position on Israel falls in line with fellow phony progressives who have endorsed him, such as Bowman and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (commonly known as AOC). AOC has tried to obscure her own support for Zionism with wavering statements and theatrical displays, breaking down crying last September when conducting a performative vote of “present” on a bill funding Israel’s “iron dome” missile defense system.

In the vote, the US allotted $1 billion dollars for the missile defense system, on top of the current $3.8 billion in annual military aid given to Israel. The ‘iron dome’ supported by Casar was built in response to rocket attacks launched by Palestinian militants that originate from the Gaza Strip. Most of these rockets generally fall in open areas and have resulted in few casualties. During the 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza, 67 Israeli soldiers and six citizens died during the warfare, while Israel launched 20,000 tons of explosives on Gaza and killed an estimated 2,300 people, around 70% of them civilians.

With his support for Zionist occupation, Casar shares the position of his main primary opponent, Eddie Rodriguez Jr., who is also running as a Democrat and similarly poses as a ‘progressive’ politician. In an interview with Jewish Insider, Rodriguez said that Israel “is our best friend in the region and we have to take care of it.” Texas’s 35th district is heavily Democratic, and the winner of the primary elections in March will be the presumed winner of the November elections.

Israel, backed by US imperialism, currently occupies the entire territory of historic Palestine. The Palestinian people have continually resisted the occupation of their land for generations, periodically erupting in more concentrated uprisings such as the two Intifadas (literally “shaking off”): the first Intifada in the late 1980s and the second being in the early 2000s.

Most recently, Palestinians rose up against Zionist aggression in May 2021 which was sparked in Jerusalem and spread across Palestine. This heroic resistance was echoed across the US and worldwide with massive demonstrations numbering in the millions which denounced Israel’s colonization and celebrated the justified rebellion of the Palestinian people.

Casar and Rodriguez’s pro-Zionist positions display their commitment to upholding the interests of US imperialism in the region, which gives its full support to Israel’s colonization and attacks on the Palestinian people. Whether they are pro-Zionist or claim sympathy for Palestinians, opportunists like Casar, Rodriguez, and the DSA seek to drag the people into supporting the US imperialist State through its electoral farce, thus legitimizing Zionist occupation. To stand with the Palestinian liberation struggle, and other nations oppressed by US imperialism, the true progressive response to this deception is to uphold the revolutionary call to boycott the imperialist elections, fighting for revolution and confronting the politicians who swindle the people.


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