Week in Struggle: January 28- February 3


On January 27, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) [CPI (Maoist)] issued a press release calling for the people of India to participate in the “Day of Betrayal” protests on January 31 and the nationwide bandh (strike) on February 23 and 24. The “Day of Betrayal” was called by the United Peasants’ Front (Samyukt Kisan Morcha) in response to the old Indian State failing to keep the promises it gave at the end of 2021’s series of combative peasant protests. These promises included the withdrawal of the agricultural laws, the introduction of a Minimum Support Price for peasant products, the dropping of charges against activists, and the payment of compensation to the families of peasants murdered by the reactionary Indian State in protests. On January 31, peasants from 11 states participated in the “Day of Betrayal.” Protests included marches and the burning of effigies of the fascist prime minister, Narendra Modi.


On January 28, the Sao Paulo Support Committee for A Nova Democracia, a Brazilian revolutionary newspaper, held a movie screening and discussion on the biography of Lei Feng that was filmed during the socialist period in China. Lei Feng was a young revolutionary soldier in the Chinese Red Army, and his life is an example of serving the people wholeheartedly. The movie also brings up questions and problems of continuing class struggle under socialism and following the socialist path.  

Throughout December, members of the A Nova Democracia Support Committee in Baixada Santista, a metropolitan area on the coast of São Paulo state, distributed a special print edition on Chairman Gonzalo. Chairman Gonzalo is the ideological leader of the World Proletarian Revolution. The reactionary Peruvian State assassinated him on September 11, 2021 after decades of solitary confinement, inhumane conditions, and torture. A Nova Democracia published this edition dedicated to Chairman Gonzalo as part of the campaign to defend his leadership, his all-powerful Gonzalo Thought (his guiding teachings for making revolution in Peru), and ideological contributions to Maoism. Members of the committee spoke to people about Chairman Gonzalo and the general political line of the newspaper, including the workers’ and peasants’ struggle in Brazil. 

On February 1, the League of Poor Peasants (LCP, Liga de Camponeses Pobres), which organizes Brazilian Peasants in the struggle for land against the big landlords who dominate the countryside, published an open letter that called on “true democrats, the labor movement, supporters of the militant peasant movement and all who are outraged by the injustices and persecutions against the poor and struggling people” to send statements supporting the freedom of peasant political prisoner Luzivaldo de Souza Araújo. On February 2, the defense’s appeal against the decision to take de Souza Araújo to trial for a crime he did not commit took place in a virtual hearing. De Souza Araújo has been imprisoned for almost two years and was at risk of death in December for health issues. A farcical legal process was mounted against de Souza Araújo by landowners, prosecutors, and local police, who targeted him for defending his land. His accusers have yet to submit any evidence against him, and his trial is based on the word of one policeman.


The National Communication Meeting in Defense of Territory and Life was successfully held between January 29 and 30. The attendees seek to build collaboration between various anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist media sources, such as Periódico Mural, a popular and democratic newspaper in Mexico. The resolutions of the meeting will be announced soon.

In Oaxaca, members of the Class-conscious Current of Education Workers gave a workshop on revolutionaries learning from the people of Mexico to lead them. Representatives of different communities that oppose imperialist megaprojects that cause dispossession and death, such as the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, attended the workshop. Members of Current of the People-Red Sun (CP-Sol Rojo, Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo) also attended. The hosts explained that organizers must “learn from processes of resistance by listening to the people, their experiences in the struggle, and their proposals in order to synthesize them, fuse them with proletarian ideology and return them to the people to arm them ideologically.”

Great Britain

Tribune received a photo of graffiti in solidarity with the Brazilian peasants’ struggle documented in Great Britain reading, “Long Live the LCP!”


Revolutionaries in Saint-Etienne, Lyon, Toulouse, Grenoble, and Champigny promoted the election boycott of the 2022 French elections, displaying slogans such as “Boycott 2022,” “Elections No, Revolution Yes!” and “The only useful vote is the boycott.” Representatives of this boycott campaign appeared at a general strike with a “Boycott 2022” banner.


On January 30, in Derry, the second-largest city in Northern Irelandmembers of Anti-Imperialist Action (AIA) joined in the Revolutionary Republican Bloc on the 50th Anniversary Bloody Sunday march. Bloody Sunday refers to British paratroopers massacring 26 unarmed people protesting against the British occupation of Northern Ireland in 1972. The bloc was led by a banner reading, “We serve neither King nor Kaiser,” a famous slogan popularized by the socialist republican James Connolly. The Green Starry Plough, the flag of the Connolly Irish Citizen Army, was featured prominently on the bloc.

Members of AIA have also displayed posters in Wicklow, a city to the south of Dublin. The posters read, “Jail Jackson,” “This is soldier F … fuck soldier F,” and “There is no British justice in Ireland.” Mike Jackson is a former commander in the British Army who hired the paratroopers in Derry who carried out the massacre of Bloody Sunday. Soldier F, widely known as David Cleary, is responsible for the killing of four innocent protesters and for wounding another four in Derry on Bloody Sunday. Jackson and Cleary were also part of the British Parachute Regiment that murdered 11 innocent civilians during the Ballymurphy massacre in Belfast, which took place between August 9 and 11, 1971.


On January 26, revolutionaries in Bergen, the second-largest city in Norway, held a protest against the electricity companies BKK, Eviny, and Statkraft. The protestors carried a banner with the slogan “Fight against the high electricity prices!” and a banner that described Statkraft’s exploitative practices on the indigenous Mapuche people’s land in Chile. The activists handed out flyers to passersby and spoke about the actions of the electricity companies in front of the office of BKK and Eviny. Posters were pasted at the entrance of the building.

On January 27, revolutionaries in Buran and Lademoen hung a banner with a hammer and sickle and the slogans “Smash fascism!” and “No Nazis in our streets!” The banners were hung in observance of National Holocaust Day, January 27.


On January 27, Finnish activists and revolutionaries gathered in Tampere to commemorate the 104th anniversary of the beginning of the workers’ revolution in Finland. The event was initiated with the lighting of candles, followed by a speech denouncing the reactionary Finnish State and emphasizing the struggles of Finnish revolutionaries to fight for a socialist revolution in service of the World Proletarian Revolution. The event concluded with the singing of the Internationale and chants. Graffiti reading, “Long live the 1918 revolution” was also documented in Tampere.

In Helsinki, revolutionaries also commemorated the anniversary of the workers’ revolution. The commemoration was held at the Malmi Cemetery in front of a monument paying homage to Communists who fell in the Civil War of 1918. Despite the k[[bad?]] weather, the revolutionaries made their way to the monument and decorated it with lanterns, candles, and red roses. They raised a red flag emblazoned with a sickle and a hammer, and sang the Internationale and “Red Guards March.” A speech was given emphasizing the universal law of revolutionary violence, honoring the People’s Wars in the Philippines, India, Turkey, and Peru, and condemning the bourgeois election.

United States

Last Sunday, Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group held their monthly community gathering at Southwinds Park. Attendees read Tribune‘s article “Each Strike Is a Battle in the Fight for Power” and discussed the need for workers to organize in Spanish and English. Activists provided childcare and spoke to the children about workers’ struggles by sharing a book written by local revolutionaries titled “Dare to Struggle.” The book is about a young girl who becomes inspired to grow as a class fighter by witnessing her mother lead a strike against unfair working conditions for strawberry field workers in Oxnard.

This week, in the neighborhood of Chinatown in Los Angeles, California, graffiti supporting the CPI (Maoist) was documented. The graffiti reads, “Long live the People’s War in India!” and “Long live the CPI (Maoist)!”

In Austin, Texas, graffiti supporting the peasant struggle for land in Brazil was documented. The graffiti reads, “Viva LCP.”

This week in Austin, election signs were seen with red spray paint promoting the boycott of bourgeois elections. Primary elections in Texas will be held on March 1, 2022, and midterm elections will be on November 8, 2022. As bourgeois politicians and political parties continue to promote elections, revolutionaries have targeted election signs to promote the election boycott and called for people to fight for revolution.

This week in Greenville, North Carolina, graffiti reading, “Long live Chairman Gonzalo” was documented.

Last week, Tribune supporters traveled to Dawson Springs, Kentucky, to interview residents struggling to rebuild their lives after the multiple tornadoes that hit Kentucky and Illinois last year and the failed government relief efforts. One resident shared his thoughts with Tribune on the government’s relief efforts: “I feel the government officials—if I lost everything, they wouldn’t care.” Tribune promotional posters were also documented at a shut-down Dairy Queen.

This week, in Indianapolis, Indiana, Tribune promotional posters were documented in various neighborhoods. 


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