Germany: Statement from the Red Women’s Committee on the Imperialist War in Ukraine

The following is a statement from the Red Women’s Committee in Hamburg, Germany on recent developments in Ukraine, minor edits have been made to improve readability and clarity.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Down with the imperialist war!
German troops out of Eastern Europe and the rest of the world!

The attack of imperialist Russia on Ukraine is an unjust war, it is the sheer aggression of an imperialist power on an oppressed country and must be the condemned. The Russian Armed Forces should go back to their own country and Putin and his clique should be held accountable in front of the Russian people for their crimes. It is a sinister lie that this war is in the interest of the people of Russia, on the contrary it only makes Russia more dependent of Chinese social-imperialism. Russian imperialists, hands off Ukraine!

The attack of the Russian imperialists is a result of a decade long encirclement of Russia by Yankee-imperialism and its cronies in the NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization] and its constant attempts to annihilate Russian nuclear capacity. The whole world has seen how the Yankee-imperialists, in collusion with the British, French, and German imperialists, have armed the Ukrainian Regime and by every means possible pushed it more and more into conflict with Russia. The great puppeteer behind this conflict is Yankee-imperialism. Down with the main enemy of the peoples of the world: Yankee-imperialism!

The current Ukrainian Regime is a gang of national traitors, agents of foreign imperialists who employ fascist legions in pursuit of holding on to Power and smashing any resistance of the working class and the people of Ukraine. It was installed through a German-supported coup and these criminals now act as the champions of the interests of the Yankee-imperialism in its confrontation with Russian imperialism. No support for the treasonous regime in Kiev!

The German imperialists did not want this conflict at this moment, it will make it more difficult for them to unfold their own plans, but being a cynical gang of bloodsuckers, headed by the Mafioso Scholz [Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany],  master of intrigue and dirty deals, they will try to get as much out of the situation as possible. The German troops in Eastern Europe, who once again—like the Hitlerite fascists—follow the steps of the genocidal Teutonic Order [Catholic German crusaders and mercenaries], should be called back immediately. The Bundeswehr [German armed forces] is the army of  German imperialism and should be disarmed and replaced by the general arming of the proletariat and the people. NATO is a warmongering band of murderers and should be destroyed. Down with German imperialism: German Troops out of Eastern Europe and the rest of the world!

The proletariat and peoples of Ukraine and Russia have nothing to win in the imperialist war, they are nothing but cannon-fodder or part of the spoils in this parasitic feud. We are sure that the proletariat and peoples in both countries will remember the eternal bond that was forged in blood in the Great October Socialist Revolution, in the defense of the dictatorship of the proletariat, in the construction of socialism, and particularly in the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union [World War II]. Our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and Russia will once again raise high the banner of Lenin and Stalin and reconstitute their Communist Party guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and sweep away the new Czars and imperialist puppets with Peoples War. Long live the friendship among the proletariat and peoples of Ukraine and Russia – Down with the Exploiters and Oppressors!

The workers and people of this country must reject the imperialist war and do everything to prevent the participation of German imperialist troops in this conflict, and if they do, our only interest is their defeat. As long as the world is divided into countries that are either oppressors or oppressed, i.e. as long imperialism exists, there will always be wars. We must do away with the exploiters, only then can there be peace. The struggle should not be between peoples but against those modern slave-owners who rule the current world system. Class against class – War against war!

Red Women’s Committee Hamburg
24th of February 2022


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