Los Angeles: Tenants Protest at Landlord’s Home, Demand Halt on Evictions

By Serran Soledad

On Saturday morning, the North Madison Tenants Association held a protest against Aaron Marzwell, a predatory landlord, known for evicting and harassing tenants at the North Madison Ave apartment complex in East Hollywood.

Around 50 people, including members of Los Angeles Rapid Eviction Defense (LA RED), a militant contingent of the LA Tenants Union), and United Neighborhood Defense Movement (UNDM), marched from a nearby park to Marzwell’s house in West Los Angeles.

One thousand flyers showing Marzwell’s face and a list of tenants’ demands were distributed throughout the wealthy neighborhood as protesters chanted, “Marzwell is a parasite! Organize, defend, and fight!”

LAPD tailed the march from a short distance away, at one point attempting to stop protesters from blocking an intersection. Tenants responded by laying out a blockade of trash cans to keep them at bay.

Once the protest arrived at Marzwell’s home, demands were taped to his front door while protestors called for him to come out and face the tenants he was evicting. Marzwell did not grant their request to show himself.

“There is not gonna be any more excuses for evictions! And that’s why we are here!” said an activist from LA RED. “You think because you live on this side of town—you think because you can hide behind LLCs, that you’re invincible and that nobody can stop you?”

Anonymous LLCs (limited liability companies) are often used by capitalists to evade retaliation for unpopular business practices, to hide behind anonymity or register under someone else’s name. California is one of only four states which allow anonymous LLCs.

The protest concluded with over a dozen posters taped across the front of Marzwell’s home, reading such slogans as “Stop evicting elders” and “Neighbors will defend each other!”


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