Communist Party of Peru Carries Out Armed Propaganda in La Esperanza

By Ben Robinson

The Communist Party of Peru (PCP, Partido Comunista del Perú) carried out an armed agitation and propaganda action in La EsperanzaThey raised a red flag emblazoned with the acronym “PCP” along with a hammer and sickle. Below the flag, a poster read, “Warning: If you continue to threaten the Party’s masses, you will be annihilated. The Party has a thousand eyes, a thousand ears. Long live the Communist Party of Peru!”

While the armed action was executed in March, it has recently received renewed coverage following the death of Chairman Gonzalo. The Communist International journal reported the action on October 4.

The armed action alarmed the Peruvian State, which sent police in bulletproof vests and an explosive deactivation unit to investigate the site.

The PCP has been waging a revolutionary armed struggle, a People’s War, against the old Peruvian State for 41 years. The Party’s leader, Chairman Gonzalo, was assassinated by the reactionary Peruvian State on September 11, 2021, after 29 years of solitary confinement. His imprisonment and subsequent assassination were attempts to destroy the PCP’s Leadership and the People’s War, but the reactionary State’s plan to annihilate the People’s War was unsuccessful.

During his 29 years at the Callao Naval Base, Chairman Gonzalo waged a heroic struggle in defense of the Peruvian Revolution, the People’s War, and the World Proletarian Revolution. His ideological contributions to Marxism will eternally serve the struggle for the true emancipation of humanity, for Communism.


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